• Centrally secures and manages identities of users and groups within an organization
  • Automates and integrates identity and access control into IT operations
  • Integrates G Suite Single Sign-On, allowing users to access the G Suite services with their accounts and passwords stored on LDAP Server
  • Supports the Consumer server, a read-only LDAP server that synchronizes the LDAP database in real time with another Synology LDAP Server
  • Supports scheduled backup and manual restoration of the LDAP database


  • Based on LDAP version 3 (RFC2251)
  • Maximum user count: 20,000
  • Maximum group count: 20,000
  • Supports batch import of users through .csv files
  • Supported LDAP clients: Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • System reserved users and groups shown as below cannot be deleted:
    • Default users: "admin"
    • Default groups: "administrators", "users", "Directory Operators", "Directory Clients", "Directory Consumers"
  • The LDAP user account used for setting up a Consumer server should belong to the Directory Consumers group
  • All LDAP users belong to the "users" group
  • Supports Hyper Backup to back up and restore LDAP directory configurations


  • The Consumer server only supports joining to a Provider/Consumer server created by Synology LDAP Server
  • LDAP services will be stopped temporarily during the backup of LDAP database and configurations