AntiVirus Essential

DSM Version

AntiVirus Essential


  • Scans and detects the abnormal files to protect your Synology NAS away from malware and viruses
  • Supports customizing scanning plans by configuring scanning schedules and specifying the scanning target
  • Automatically identifies and scan the new or modified files to save the scanning time


  • Powered by ClamAV scanning engine
  • Scans the full system or specific folders
  • Scheduled automatic scan tasks
  • Smart Scan for new or modified files
  • Whitelist to exclude files from being scanned
  • Automatic update of virus definitions


  • Minimum capacity of RAM required: 1 GB
  • Files larger than 2,048 MB will not be scanned
  • The probability of success for finding viruses hidden in archive files (e.g., ZIP, RAR, ARJ, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2) will be lower
  • Remote Folders (CIFS) mounted in File Station will not be included in full scan