Synology Contacts

DSM Version

Synology Contacts


  • A centralized web-based interface for managing contacts of CardDAV-compatible clients
  • Custom fields for contact creation, modification, and search
  • Contact categorization with labels and address books that can be shared with Synology NAS users
  • Integration with Synology MailPlus to suggest contacts for email recipients


  • Supports syncing contacts to mobile devices or laptops via CardDAV
  • Supports syncing or importing address books from Google, Microsoft Outlook, and third-party CardDAV servers upon login
  • Supports importing address books from a vCard (.vcf) or Google CSV file and exporting address books to a vCard (.vcf) file
  • Supports managing and filtering contacts with labels and stars
  • Provides three types of address books:
    • Personal address book: The default address book for individual users, including suggested and starred contacts
    • Shared address book: The address books that other users share with you
    • Group address book: The default address book based on the Synology Contacts binding account system
  • Provides fields for editing and search, including name, company, department, job title, email, phone number, address, website, birthday, event date, chat app, and note
  • Serves as a contact management add-on for Synology MailPlus when they are installed on the same Synology NAS


  • Only one-way sync from external sources to Synology Contacts is supported. Any changes made in Synology Contacts will not be updated to the source address books