Virtualization on Synology

Synology's virtualization solutions harness the power of your NAS to run virtual machines or serve as storage for virtual machine environments, all while keeping your data secure and available.

Create a virtual machine environment

Take advantage of the powerful Synology Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) to run multiple virtual machines at the same time.

Cluster infrastructure

Run VMs across up to seven Synology NAS devices in a cluster infrastructure, enabling you to perform live migration and minimize downtime ahead of planned maintenance.

Centralized management

Take control of all your virtual machines in one place. Use Synology VMM's centralized dashboard to monitor and manage the health and efficiency of everything.

High availability

Achieve hardware and network redundancy with high-availability clusters. Ensure fast failover and virtual machine restoration during unexpected downtime.

Synology Virtual Machine Manager

Synology Virtual Machine Manager

Unleash the virtualization capabilities of your NAS with an intuitive and powerful hypervisor. Synology VMM can even be used to host multiple Virtual DiskStation Manager (Virtual DSM) instances on the same unit, helping you save money and create secure sandbox environments.

Multi-platform support

VMM can host virtual machines running Windows, Linux, and Virtual DSM operating systems.

Reliable backup

VMM protects VMs with support for schedulable snapshots and replications. Back up unlimited VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines from physical servers using Active Backup for Business, and quickly restores them to VMM when the original hypervisors are down.

Share with ease

Simply create a link to share password protected virtual machines with anyone, and define which users have access to each VM.

Synology Virtual Machine Manager



Docker on DSM provides a virtualization environment that allows you to implement lightweight containers running thousands of applications.


Maximize virtual machine storage

Boost virtual machine storage capacity and performance with your Synology NAS.

Compatible with leading virtualization platforms

Your Synology NAS can replace SAN storage arrays deployed for popular virtualization platforms, including VMware® vSphere, Microsoft® Hyper-V®, Citrix® XenServer, and OpenStack Cinder.

High performance

Synology's lightning fast FlashStations are designed to handle demanding virtual machine applications, while SSD caching can be added to cost-optimized hybrid arrays for increased read and write speeds.1

Flexible scalability

If you need more storage for your virtual machines, Synology NAS can be scaled up quickly by adding more drives or expansion units.

Secure virtual machines

Make sure your virtual machines and the data stored on them are protected and monitored.

Simple yet secure

Built-in data protection

All Synology systems come with complete data protection packages available on DSM to secure your VMs, files, folders, LUNs, and the NAS itself.

Simplified storage management

Synology Storage Console enables administrators to monitor and manage Synology storage systems directly from VMware vSphere Client or Windows Servers.

Simple yet secure


Synology High Availability

Minimize hardware failures by mirroring the entire system. This ensures data and services remain online despite potential disruption.

Synology High Availability

Start setting up your virtual machine environment with Synology

Enhance your virtualization workloads with Synology's all-in-one storage solutions.

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  1. Synology units with built-in M.2 slots support SSD cache without occupying drive bays. Click here to find compatible models.