Intelligent Home Surveillance Management

Synology Surveillance Station gives you the control you need at the price you want with comprehensive, intuitive, and license-free surveillance monitoring tools.

Surveillance management that works for you

Get a surveillance system tailored to your needs with smart monitoring and alerts, a broad range of supported cameras, easy access from any device, and surveillance storage that you own.

Own your surveillance

Own your surveillance

With a Synology NAS as your storage and monitoring hub, you own and control your surveillance footage.Learn more

Universal access

Universal access

Watch over your home from anywhere with easy access by web browser, desktop client, or mobile app.Learn more

Smart monitoring

Smart monitoring

Stay informed with alerts for motion and intrusion detection, camera tampering, and much more.Learn more

Easy deployment

Setting up a home surveillance system has never been easier. From installing a few basic devices to deploying an advanced system, Synology offers the perfect solution to protect what you value most.

AI-powered NVR

Effective monitoring

Get the information you need from your home surveillance system with Surveillance Station’s suite of effective monitoring tools. From basic camera management to advanced surveillance analytics1, Synology has the perfect solution to protect what you value the most.

Effective monitoring

People detection

Motion detection

Intrusion detection

Sound detection & two-way audio

Vehicle detection

Camera occlusion & tampering

Effective monitoring
  1. 1People detection

    Receive an alert when unexpected guests enter your property and get ready to meet them beforehand.

  2. 2Motion detection

    Get notified when someone shows up on your doorstep to prevent damage or theft, such as of packages.

  3. 3Intrusion detection

    Protect weak spots such as backyards and rooftops. Get notified of possible break-ins with advanced motion detection.

  4. 4Sound detection & two-way audio

    Automatically start recording when sounds are detected outside, talk to visitors from inside, or get alerted when your child needs you.

  5. 5Vehicle detection

    Scan for the wrong vehicles parking in your driveway and take action in time.

  6. 6Camera occlusion & tampering

    Receive alerts when cameras go offline or get blocked by objects or paint.

Home Mode

Adjust the security level of your home by switching camera modes manually, on a schedule, or automatically when you leave.

Home Mode
DS cam

DS cam

DS cam is the mobile extension of Surveillance Station. Monitor the situation at home from anywhere and control the cameras manually from a single app. Learn more

Peace of mind
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Use your phone as a (temporary) IP camera and store the video footage both locally and to Synology NAS. Learn more

Portable IP camera
Secure video storage
DS cam - Peace of mind in your pocket

Surveillance in the cloud

Enable dual recording to C2 Surveillance to automatically save camera streams to the cloud. Retrieve and view important footage directly from the online dashboard, even if the recording server is stolen or physically damaged, while resting assured that your data is protected by end-to-end encryption. Learn more

Surveillance in the cloud

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  1. Advanced searches for people or vehicles in specified areas, including facial recognition and vehicle detection, is only available on Synology Deep Learning NVR DVA Series models.