Building management

Safeguard physical assets and create a safe environment for employees and visitors through an integrated and secure enterprise surveillance platform.

Designed with flexibility in mind

Tackle long-standing security challenges with Surveillance Station's versatile tools — the ideal choice for specialized scenarios where strict operational and compliance requirements are the norm.

Unified operation

Unified operation

Deploy, configure, and manage multiple recording servers at once, and watch over all sites from a single monitoring console.Learn more

AI-supported video analytics

AI-supported video analytics

Bolster security, optimize facility use, and receive alerts when potentially dangerous situations are detected.1Learn more

Maximum security

Maximum security

Minimize the risk of footage leaking or being exposed with a host of technical solutions to bolster security and privacy.Learn more

Centralized management

Deploy or expand quickly, thanks to a system that easily integrates with existing infrastructure, and start protecting your premises without tying your organization to costly recurring fees.

Batch configuration
Multi-server capabilities

Smart monitoring

Reduce vulnerabilities, speed up incident response, and collect better business intelligence with advanced analytics that cater to a wide range of scenarios.1

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Intrusion protection

Bolster on-premises security with the use of intelligent analytics.

Intrusion detection
People and vehicle detection
Face recognition
License plate recognition

Crowd analytics

Gain a better understanding of crowds to create a safer environment or enhance the customer experience.

People and vehicle counting
Congestion alerts
Occupancy time detection
Visitor trends

Multi-site surveillance

Easily stay on top of security across different sites with intuitive management features for larger deployments.

Multi-functional maps
Concurrent alert

Built-in security

Prevent recordings from being leaked or accessed by unauthorized personnel with built-in safeguards that ensure security and privacy at every stage of the process.

Security at the edge

Security at the edge

Keep camera feeds private with support for HTTPS and SRTP-enabled IP cameras.

Privacy masking & watermarks

Privacy masking & watermarks

Block out sensitive areas and apply watermarks directly onto the live feeds to deter and track unauthorized recording.

Encrypted recordings

Encrypted recordings

Lock recordings away with separate encryption keys, protecting them from unauthorized access even if the NAS or administrative credentials are compromised.

Secure connection via HTTPS

Secure connection via HTTPS

Safeguard data with HTTPS-secured connections between the host server and Surveillance Station Client, web portal, and mobile apps.

Flexible failover options

Flexible failover options

Keep surveillance services operational when disaster strikes by pairing recording servers with failover servers.

24/7 system logging

24/7 system logging

Easily audit past operational activities from a centralized log archive, including logins, dashboard edits, video playback, and exports.

icon archive

Archive Vault:
Off-site video archival

Archive data from local storage to remote Synology servers with Archive Vault. Configurable backup intervals, bandwidth limits and scheduling, and direct recording playback in Surveillance Station provide flexible and convenient backup and retrieval of recordings.

Archive Vault:<br>Off-site video archival
icon svs

C2 Surveillance:
Dual recording to the cloud

Add an extra layer of redundancy to your surveillance setup with low-latency, secure dual recording to the cloud. Take advantage of flexible subscription plans per camera, access streams from anywhere, and share critical footage with authorities, even when your server is unavailable.

C2 Surveillance:<br>Dual recording to the cloud

Comprehensive surveillance protection

Combine different solutions to create a comprehensive surveillance setup with built-in redundancy and data protection.

Comprehensive surveillance protection desktop

Comprehensive surveillance protection mobile

1Surveillance Station Centralized Management System (CMS)

  • Single portal to manage live views, recordings, and alerts for all your cameras and recording servers
  • Supports up to 1,000 NAS and 10,000 cameras
  • No extra license fees required for CMS features
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2Centralized Management System (CMS) Failover

  • Minimize service downtime and keep recording camera streams when recording servers go offline
  • Flexibly decide whether to sync recordings back to the original recording server or not
Learn more

3Anywhere access

  • Supports web browser access and dedicated client software for PC and Mac
  • Android and iOS mobile apps enable remote monitoring and management
  • PC-less and cost-effective TV wall solution available
Learn more

4Archive Vault

  • Flexible retention policy and bandwidth control
Learn more

5C2 Surveillance

  • Dual recording to the cloud
  • Cloud-powered convenience
  • On-demand access
Learn more

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  1. Advanced searches for people or vehicles in specified areas, including facial recognition and vehicle detection, are only available on Synology Deep Learning NVR DVA Series models.