Remote Work Made Easy with VPN Plus

Remote Work Made Easy with VPN Plus

VPN Plus transforms your Synology Router into a powerful VPN server and promises easy setup, secure access, and smooth connection. For your company's remote workforce, you can effortlessly set up a virtual office that adapts to their flexible schedules and work styles.

Intuitive, Clientless WebVPN

WebVPN allows you to access web applications simply with a browser, without any extra client application or setup.1

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Enter an internal URL to reach your company's private website.

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The administrator can set up the company's internal web-based services in "Default" for staff access.

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Users can keep websites in "Starred" for future personal access.

Intuitive, Clientless WebVPN
Intuitive, Clientless WebVPN
  1. Enter an internal URL to reach your company's private website.
  2. The administrator can set up the company's internal web-based services in "Default" for staff access.
  3. Users can keep websites in "Starred" for future personal access.

Fast, Hassle-free Synology SSL VPN

Synology SSL VPN allows you to access web-based and non-web-based services in your company's network — fast, secure, and simple.1

Easy setup

The lightweight client for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, iOS, and Android requires only minimal setup to help you connect within a minute.


SSL/TLS encryption offers security levels suitable for your company's network, keeping sensitive data safe at all times.


Synology SSL VPN builds connections safer, faster, and more stable than many other VPN protocols.

Easy, Secure Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop enables employees to access software exclusively installed on their computer at work. 2

Work anywhere, anytime

Remote Desktop allows employees to work remotely, at any hour and from anywhere.

Full control

Self-hosted Remote Desktop facilitates thorough administration of each connection.

Site-to-Site VPN

For companies with branch offices in multiple locations, Site-to-Site VPN allows them to share resources across different networks through secure IPsec tunnels over the Internet. This eliminates the need for employees to configure VPN settings on individual computers.3

High Speed

Delivering an outstanding throughput of up to 650Mbps, Site-to-Site VPN significantly increases business productivity by boosting cross-premises file transfer speeds.4

Validated by Microsoft® Azure

Aside from other products supporting IPsec VPN, Synology Router can also work with Azure VPN gateways, allowing you to achieve a hybrid solution which combines on-premises and virtual networks in the cloud. Learn more

Monitor & Manage

VPN Plus comes with powerful tools to help you monitor and manage connections in real time.

Real-time monitoring

Identify network traffic anomalies and suspicious users

Bandwidth control & block list

Optimize network traffic and keep critical resources from unwanted access

Connection history

Inspect previous user connections and data usage

Configuration & connection logs

View and export logs for regular auditing

Active Directory and LDAP support

Support for authentication through AD and LDAP ensures seamless integration with a company's existing account system

Traffic Report

Traffic Report groups and visualizes statistics from all VPN services, offering administrators an insightful way to manage and monitor usage with ease.

Active users
Top domains
Traffic trends
  • IT administrators can easily identify abnormal employee usage by monitoring usage statistics of all active users.

  • IT administrators will be able to analyze visitor distributions with the top 10 visited domains through the WebVPN service.

  • See the bandwidth usage of each VPN service and individual Site-to-Site VPN tunnels to make tracking easier for IT administrators.

Comprehensive Protocol Support

In addition to Synology SSL VPN, WebVPN, and Remote Desktop, VPN Plus supports four commonly used VPN protocols to adapt to your network environment.



L2TP over IPSec


Deploy a virtual office solution using VPN Plus

Watch the video to learn how to quickly set up a virtual office for your telecommuting employees.


  1. Access for one concurrent account is available for free and shared by WebVPN, Synology SSL VPN, and SSTP. Client VPN Access License is available to add more concurrent accounts.
  2. Remote Desktop supports Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Virtual Network Computing (VNC) sessions.
  3. Site-to-Site VPN License is required to activate this feature. A one-time 30-day trial is available to each VPN Plus supported Synology product. For the maximum number of Site-to-Site VPN tunnels, please refer to the product's specifications.
  4. Tested in a Synology simulated environment with one site using Synology RT2600ac. Real performance may vary depending on the factors including, but not limited to, your network conditions, equipment, etc.