Web Station

DSM Version

Web Station


  • Intuitive website hosting platform that supports multiple HTTP back-end servers, PHP back ends, and relational database systems
  • Comprehensive management of virtual hosts
  • Allows hosting personal websites for users


  • Supported back-end servers
    • Nginx
    • Apache HTTP Server version 2.2
    • Apache HTTP Server version 2.4
  • Supported PHP back ends
    • PHP 7.2
    • PHP 7.3
    • PHP 7.4
  • Supported database management systems
    • MariaDB 5 (can be deployed as a DSM package)
    • MariaDB 10 (can be deployed as a DSM package)
    • MySQL
    • PgSQL
    • MSSQL
    • SQLite
  • Virtual host management
    • Offers hosting of multiple virtual hosts
    • Supports HTTP/2
    • Supports HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
    • Supports custom document roots for each virtual host
    • Integrates DSM's certificate management that offers a customized certificate for each virtual host
    • Integrates DSM's TLS/SSL profile level management that customizes the TLS/SSL profile level of each virtual host


  • The document root, folders, and files of a personal website must be owned by the same user account