Surveillance Station Centralized Management System (CMS) offers efficient management, flexible deployment, continuous recording, and proactive control, designed for multi-site and multi-server surveillance deployments with up to 10,000 cameras and 1,000 NAS devices. How to select a suitable host server

Intuitive deployment

The intuitive configuration process allows you to bind recording servers to the host server via HTTP and HTTPS connection without requiring any networking knowledge. It is easy to achieve regional or even global management.

Intuitive deployment

More efficient management

Manage all your recording servers while accessing live footage and recordings via one single web portal.

Single web portal
Batch operation

Remote updates through CMS

Keep your deployment up to date by dispatching system updates through Centralized Management System (CMS), to both online and offline servers.

Reliable and cost-efficient N+M failover

Provides flexible failover options which allow for automatic or manual transfer of services to the backup system during unexpected situations, reducing the risk of data loss or other possible damages caused when servers are out of service. With the flexible N+M architecture, failover servers can be paired with multiple recording servers, and vice versa.

See the white paper for more technical details regarding Failover

Reliable and cost-efficient N+M failover