Snapshot Replication

DSM Version

Snapshot Replication


  • Schedulable and near-instantaneous data protection
  • Supports various replication topologies for different scenarios, including active-active, extended replication, one-to-many and hub-to-spoke
  • Fast data recovery on the disaster recovery site
  • Supports snapshot features for shared folders in Btrfs volume and LUNs, including schedule, management, browse, recovery
  • Supports snapshot preview and file copy in File Station
  • Supports snapshot preview, file copy, and recovery in Windows File Explorer


  • Customizable snapshot and replication schedules
    • Snapshot can be taken every 5 minutes
    • A replication task for a shared folder can be executed every 5 minutes
    • A replication task for a LUN can be executed every 15 minutes
  • Maximum number of snapshots per system:
    • Memory exceeding or equivalent to 2 GB (factory-installed): 65,536
    • Others: 4,096
  • Maximum number of snapshots per shared folder:
    • Memory exceeding or equivalent to 2 GB (factory-installed): 1,024
    • Others: 256
  • Maximum number of snapshots per LUN: 256
  • Maximum number of replication tasks
    • FS, SA, XS/XS+ series
      • 64 per system (shared folder + LUN)
      • 64 per shared folder
      • 32 per LUN
    • Plus, DVA series
      • 32 per system (shared folder + LUN)
      • 32 per shared folder
      • 16 per LUN
    • Others
      • 16 per system (shared folder + LUN)
      • 16 per shared folder
      • 8 per LUN
  • Customizable retention rules for different snapshot management demands
    • Numbers of latest snapshot to keep
    • Keep all snapshots for
    • Advanced retention policy
  • Snapshot size calculation for space management
  • Online preview of snapshot content and downloading single file in snapshots
  • Supports importing the initial replication data to the destination server with an external storage device to reduce the replication time
  • Customizable IP address and port of a replication task
  • Replication transmission encryption
  • Customizable number of concurrent tasks for better system resource allocation
  • Restoration of files and folders by using Windows Previous Versions
  • Verification tests on site recovery


  • Only shared folder snapshots support:
    • Online preview of snapshot content
    • File and folder restoration using Windows Previous Versions
    • Calculation of snapshot size for space management
  • Snapshots cannot be taken if there is less than 100 MB of available space on the volume
  • NFS permission cannot be recorded in snapshots
  • Data in the recycle bin are recorded in snapshots
  • Encrypted shared folders do not support online preview of snapshot content
  • Each one-to-many/extended replication supports three different sites as destination sites at most
  • The number of concurrent tasks is only configurable on models with more than 2 CPU threads (Learn more about each model's CPU threads)