Glacier Backup

DSM Version

Glacier Backup


  • Solely designed for backing up files to and restoring from your Amazon Glacier account to save space on your Synology NAS and provide a contingency plan to avoid data loss


  • Supported Amazon Glacier regions:
    • US East (North Virginia, Ohio)
    • US West (Northern California, Oregon)
    • South America (São Paulo)
    • Canada (Central)
    • EU (Ireland, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Stockholm)
    • Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Mumbai)
    • China (Beijing, Ningxia)
  • Maximum multipart upload part size: 512 MB
  • File transfer encryption to ensure data security
  • File-level incremental backup and file-based deduplication within the same backup task
  • Options for preserving backed up files at destination even when files are removed from the source
  • Flexible schedule to run backup task hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly on certain time and date
  • Centralized console for browsing, managing, restoring, and deleting backed up files and folders
  • Exportable logs with detailed information of task events and time
  • Supports restoring all or particular files to your Synology NAS
  • Supports retrieving deleted backup tasks once saved to your Amazon Glacier account
  • When deleting data which has been uploaded within the past 90 days, a task will be scheduled to automatically carry out deletion 90 days after the file uploading time. This reduces the total cost charged for deleting data that is less than 90 days old


  • Amazon Glacier Deep Archive is not supported
  • Region GovCloud US is not supported
  • Backup task name: 1 to 32 Unicode characters (except: ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , / : ; <= > ? @ [ ] \ ^ ` { } | ~)
  • Restoration takes 4-5 hours on average which is highly dependent on your network environment and cloud service
  • Restoration will fail if destination shared folders for restoring are renamed or deleted
  • Backing up restored task is not available
  • Running other backup applications, such as Hyper Backup, is not available when Glacier Backup task is being executed
  • Using remote folders as backup source and restore destination is not available
  • For more detailed rules & limitations on Glacier Backup, please refer to this article