Active Insight

Active Insight

Safeguard the health and performance of your NAS deployments across multiple sites using Active Insight's automated real-time monitoring and troubleshooting advice.

Global monitoring

Global monitoring

Analyze all Synology NAS on a central cloud-hosted platform.

Extensive analysis

Extensive analysis

Gain complete oversight of your deployments from anywhere.

Technical advice

Technical advice

Receive alerts using timely notifications and troubleshooting suggestions.

Monitor all your NAS from a single portal1

Active Insight analyzes statistical data to help you conduct resource analysis and diagnose anomalies on all NAS across different sites. Monitor all metrics from a centralized and intuitive dashboard, and schedule reports in PDF or CSV format to be automatically generated and delivered to a predefined set of email addresses.

Monitor all your NAS from a single portal<sup>1</sup>

Analyze anywhere

Inspect the health of your Synology NAS by viewing metrics and historical trends from anywhere on desktop and mobile. Use these insights to model workloads and solve performance bottlenecks. Learn more

Health and performance metrics

Get live and historical records of device health, performance, and more for better resource allocation and planning.

Backup tasks

Monitor Hyper Backup tasks across all your devices together, making it even simpler to stay on top of your device backups.

Login attempts

Receive alerts when abnormal login patterns are detected, with detailed logs that help you respond faster to potentially dangerous situations.

Actionable intelligence

Active Insight identifies indicators of possible system failure to complement your own metric analysis. Aggregated statistics will notify you if your deployments are at risk.

Problem-solving advice

Get event notifications with detailed troubleshooting advice whenever Active Insight detects system anomalies affecting any Synology NAS under your administration.

Custom event rules

Configure your dashboard layout and create your own event notification rules to address specific concerns.

Email and push messages

Receive event notifications via email and mobile push notifications to avoid missing anything unusual.

One-stop support New in 7.0.1

Support tickets submitted for devices with Active Insight enabled will automatically include system diagnostics logs, allowing our support teams to start investigating the issue faster.

One-stop support
Get the Active Insight mobile appicon

Get the Active Insight mobile app

Stay updated on the health and performance of your Synology units even on the go with the Active Insight mobile app.

Access Active Insight

Get started today by enabling Active Insight on your Synology system2 or give it a go on our demo site.

How to set up Active Insight

Release Note

Looking to centrally manage all your Synology NAS?

Leverage Synology Central Management System (CMS) to configure settings and manage thousands of Synology NAS servers from one platform.


  1. Active Insight is still in Beta.

  2. Active Insight requires at least 512 MB of system memory and is not available for Virtual DSM. In a Synology High Availability cluster, only the active server is monitored. Active Insight web portal functionality, which includes performance, backup task, and security monitoring requires Synology DSM 7.0.1 or newer.