DSM Version



  • Multiple volumes can be combined into a volume group to offer larger storage capacity for data backup
  • Data in shared folders can span multiple volumes for more efficient and flexible storage, management, and access


  • Supported file protocols:
    • AFP (and Time Machine)
    • CIFS
    • FTP
    • WebDAV
  • Supported services (I.e., applications and packages):
    • Hyper Backup
    • PDF/Document Viewer
    • Text Editor
    • File Station (Not including the file indexing feature)
    • Log Center
    • Shared Folder Sync (Shared folders created in PetaSpace can only be selected as the source but not as the destination of a sync task)
    • Storage Analyzer
  • Supports only volumes using the ext4 and the Btrfs file systems
  • Centralized dashboard to create volume groups, manage the individual volumes, and review the overall status of the volume group
  • Volumes and volume group:
    • Maximum number of volumes per volume group: 10
    • Minimum capacity required per volume: 100 GB
  • Data within the shared folders can be allocated across multiple volumes in the volume group
  • Maximum number of shared folders: 256
  • General access permissions and advanced sharing permissions can be configured for users and groups
  • Exportable logs to provide detailed information of modifications made to volume groups and record the date of these events


  • Additional features of the Btrfs file system (such as snapshot, clone, and compression) are not supported
  • Shared folders created in File Station cannot be converted or modified in PetaSpace
  • Shared folders created in PetaSpace do not support encryption, user home, or quota settings
  • Shared folder created in PetaSpace will be unavailable when a volume group becomes read-only or has crashed
  • The system cannot write a file into the volume group if the file size is larger than the space available on any volume, even if the total available capacity of the volume group itself is sufficient
  • Refer to this help article for more information or limitations about volume group and shared folders in PetaSpace
  • Not available on DSM 7.0 and above. For high-capacity storage needs, the recommended solution is Btrfs (Peta Volume)