Data Protection

Your data protection plan is only as strong as the weakest link in the backup chain. Increasingly complex home deployments and business IT infrastructure make protecting every endpoint of paramount importance.

Protect your digital assets

Back up PCs, physical servers, virtual machines, and SaaS applications in home or business deployments.

Centralized management

Deploy, manage, and monitor all your backup tasks from a single console to simplify your data protection plan and cut down on maintenance.

Efficient backup

Rely on incremental backup and data deduplication to minimize backup time and storage consumption.

Flexible restoration

Choose between multiple restoration methods, including bare-metal, file-level, and instant restoration to virtual machine.

Active Backup for Business

Active Backup for Business

Protect data, applications, and system settings on Windows or Linux machines and VMs.

Active Backup for Microsoft 365

Active Backup for Microsoft 365

Safeguard data stored on Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, and Teams.

Active Backup for Google Workspace

Active Backup for Google Workspace

Back up data stored on Drive, Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar.

Protect your Synology NAS

Back up data stored on your Synology NAS to add a layer of protection to your deployment.

Hyper Backup

Hyper Backup

Back up and restore data or LUNs with multiple backup sources at the file, package, or system level relying on storage-efficient technologies.

Multiple destinations

Select another Synology NAS, external devices, or the cloud as your backup destination.

Flexible scheduling

Schedule backup tasks to start automatically on a daily or weekly basis.

Works best with Synology C2 Storage

Select Synology’s public cloud as an efficient backup destination with deduplication and multi-versioning support. Learn more

Hyper Backup


Snapshot Replication

Protect shared folders and LUNs containing hot or virtual machine data with fast and frequent backups to other Synology NAS.

Minimize data loss

Set a high backup frequency and enable versioning to reach minute-level Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

Keep your services running

Perform quick system failovers and enable self-service restoration of file and folders to minimize interruptions to business operations and leave your systems virtually unaffected.

Snapshot Replication

Configuration Backup

Back up DiskStation Manager (DSM) configurations automatically to your Synology Account. Learn more

Configuration Backup

Maximize service availability

Mirror data between two Synology NAS in real time with Synology High Availability (SHA) to minimize service downtime that can negatively impact your business.

Secure and reliable storage for all your backup needs

Protect your data with one of Synology’s all-in-one backup platforms.

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