USB Copy

DSM Version

USB Copy


  • Tasks can be created to automatically copy files and folders from Synology NAS to attached USB/SD storage devices or vice versa
  • Multiple copying and file organizing strategies to provide efficient storage usage and easy backup
  • Customized configurations to ensure smooth data exchange


  • USB/SD storage devices implemented with file systems recognized by Synology NAS are allowed to copy data (See this article for more information on external devices)
  • Copy task types include Photo/Video Import, Data Import, or Data Export
  • Multiple methods to initiate data transfer:
    • Hot-plugging a USB/SD device
    • Pushing the hardware Copy button
    • Enabling a schedule
  • Flexible copy modes include:
    • Incremental
    • Mirroring
    • Multi-versioned
  • Advanced options are available when the incremental copy mode is selected:
    • Remove original file structure in the destination folder
    • File conflict policy
    • Delete source files after copy completes
  • Rotation policy options are available when the multi-versioned copy mode is selected:
    • Rotate from the earliest version
    • Smart Recycle
    • Number of versions (Maximum number of versions to keep spans from 1 to 65535)
  • Ejects the USB/SD storage device safely and automatically when all related tasks are complete
  • File filters to exclude unwanted file types (music, video, image, document) and file extensions from copy tasks
  • Logs:
    • Detailed information on each copy task
    • Filter to facilitate searches for logs meeting specified criteria or keywords
    • Maximum number of log spanning from 5 to 100000
  • Notifications:
    • SMS
    • Email
    • Mobile
  • Beep reminders can be configured for tasks that are starting or completed
  • Tasks can be set up for the hardware Copy button


  • A partition on a USB device can only support one copy task
  • Only one folder can be selected for each copy task
  • Ejected USB/SD storage devices have to be re-mounted before new tasks can be created
  • Can only be accessed by admin or users belonging to the administrators group
  • Only certain models support the hardware Copy button and certain limitations apply (Please refer to this article for more information)