Data Intelligence at the Edge

Data storage and management are at the core of all IT infrastructure. Simple and fast data accessibility is crucial to many applications. Deploy fast, secure, and versatile edge solutions by Synology to tackle emerging data needs.

Deploy where it matters

Scale up performance and usability by keeping local edge servers closer to where data is generated and used. Decentralized server architectures improve scalability for high-density applications, such as advanced warehousing, traffic control, city-level video surveillance, and more.

Synology NAS/SAN solutions feature data synchronization, mirroring, and reduction features, together with large-scale monitoring and management capabilities that make decentralized architectures feasible.

Deploy where it matters

Fundamental requirements

Edge applications need more than data processing close to the source: Consistent performance, reliability, and powerful remote management are equally crucial.

Synology offers solutions that fit common edge computing requirements, such as video surveillance, virtualization storage, and data protection.

Data protection

Processing data at the edge enables more control over the data protection strategies deployed. Protect unstructured file storage and LUNs with Hyper Backup or Snapshot Replication, or leverage Active Backup for Business to protect locally connected VMs, Windows and Linux servers, and more.

The versatility of Synology backup solutions enables rapid restoration on site or to a remote disaster recovery location.

Storage and speed

Data consumption is growing exponentially, increasing the need for low-latency and robust storage. Synology NAS/SAN solutions address this with a versatile lineup, with options ranging from all-flash systems and multi-petabyte servers to high-performance networking.

Remote management

Edge deployments rarely have IT staff on call to physically manage edge devices. This makes management solutions crucial for any deployment.

Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) is built for remote management. Synology Central Management System (CMS) and Active Insight provide easy ways to monitor and manage many remote Synology NAS, and help you maximize uptime by detecting problems early.

Redundancy and resiliency

Equipment failure will happen. Replacing drives can already be an operational nightmare when dealing with remote sites. Hot spares, system-level mirroring with Synology High Availability, or remote full-system backups with Active Backup for Business empower IT administrators with flexible solutions to fit their SLA and budget.

For video surveillance installations, Synology Surveillance Station is built for flexible multi-site failover support through Surveillance Station Centralized Management System (CMS), with options for easy dual recording to the cloud through C2 Backup for Surveillance.

Synology at the edge

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