Deploying storage where it matters

To achieve reliable data access, storage, protection, and syncing across branch offices, stores, and other operations, organizations deploy edge storage solutions close to where they are used.

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Data protection

Processing data at the edge gives you more control over your data protection strategies. Synology Hyper Backup secures your NAS, while Snapshot Replication and Active Backup for Business (ABB) can back up devices and virtual machines. Instantly restore virtual machines by integrating ABB with Synology Virtual Machine Manager.

Storage and speed

Exponential growth in data consumption requires robust, low-latency storage solutions. Synology NAS addresses this by offering different small and large-scale solutions, and flexible high-performance networking. Accessing and handling data on Synology's storage solution can also be made faster by enabling SSD cache or adding fast networking.

Remote management

Edge deployments rarely have IT staff on call to physically manage edge devices. This makes management solutions crucial for any deployment.

Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) is built for remote management. Synology Central Management System (CMS) and Active Insight provide easy ways to monitor and manage many remote Synology NAS, and help you maximize uptime by detecting problems early.

Redundancy and resiliency

Drive failures will happen. Replacing drives can be an operational nightmare for businesses without dedicated IT staff. Hot spare drives for remote RAID repair can be enabled on Synology NAS and be used in the event of a drive failure.

Synology High Availability offers a complete data redundancy solution by mirroring data on to a passive device and smoothly transitioning to it if the active device fails.

Synology Surveillance Station CMS enables remote surveillance management and flexible failover to transfer video surveillance services to a backup system.

Synology at the edge

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