Synology Chat Communicate easily and securely with an all-in-one, license-free, and private cloud messaging service. Synology Chat Transform team communication Maximum flexibility Start conversations between one or more people or create public or private channels. Complete privacy Ensure confidentiality with optional end-to-end encryption for conversations or channels. Multi-platform access Chat from the browser, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android platforms.
Manage messages with ease Organize your day-to-day communication with message pinning, bookmarks, hashtags, and integration with Synology apps. Keep everyone in the loop Pin messages or mention users to keep important information visible to the right people. Find important information faster Bookmark messages and add tags for easy retrieval, or check the Bulletin board for all files and links shared. Add events to Synology Calendar Interact dynamically with messages to create calendar events and send invitations. Learn more
Empower remote teams Chat is embedded with interactive and entertaining features to increase users' productivity.  Threads Keep conversations tidy by replying to messages in a thread. Video conferencing Launch a JumpChat or Jitsi1 video call directly from Chat. Polls Get feedback from your team by creating polls. Forwarding Save time by forwarding messages and large files. Reminders Stay on top of what matters with message reminders. Scheduling Plan your work ahead by scheduling messages in advance.
Simplify integration Configure Chat to work in common IT environments with minimal effort. AD/LDAP support Connect to existing company directories to let users sign in directly with their credentials. Webhooks and bots Centralize messages and files by working with external applications through webhooks and bots. Chat plugin Enable Chat for Synology Office and MailPlus to communicate directly within the applications.
Notes: JumpChat and Jitsi are third-party applications.