Central Management System

DSM Version

Central Management System


  • System-wide server management and health monitoring service allow easy management of multiple servers
  • Group policies alleviate the effort of large-scale server setup and management
  • Centralized notification and system update reminder to keep all the managed servers up-to-date
  • Immediate updates on storage usage status to pinpoint abnormality with efficiency
  • Display of granular server information to facilitate administration work


  • Allows a single CMS Host to manage up to 10,000 servers (Capability varies depending on product model)
  • Offers flexible server adding process
    • Allows adding multiple servers easily via IP address, QuickConnect, FQDN, or from imported server lists
    • Allows installing DSM on managed servers within the server adding process
  • Provides a centralized view on managed servers' information: network, volume usage, drive, and package
  • Allows administrators to perform predefined actions on managed servers: server shutdown, reboot, and wake on LAN
  • Allows creating server groups and customizing group policies (e.g., file services, network settings, and directory services), and applying the policy settings to the entire server group
  • Allows administrators to customize management policies on the server-wide level, group level, or individual server level
  • Supports the delegation of administrator permissions to specific users or groups on the CMS Host, and allows delegated users to manage specific servers or server groups
  • Displays the status of storage pools (named RAID Group/Disk Group on DSM 6.1), volumes, drives, and shared folders
  • Centralizes the notifications for CMS Host and all managed servers, and allows exporting the notifications for further administration use
  • Records the event logs of managed servers and allows exporting the logs in CSV or HTML format
  • Offers auto-reminder on DSM and package updates, and allows administrators to configure settings to receive only important updates and centrally update all managed servers
  • Supports updating DSM and packages on the managed servers by batches


  • Supported DSM versions on the managed servers: DSM 5.2, DSM 6.0, DSM 6.1, DSM 6.2, DSM 7.0
  • Each Synology NAS can only be added to one CMS Host for management
  • The management levels of the delegated administrators depend on the users' privileges
    • Users belonging to the administrators group can view and modify the settings of all managed servers
    • Users who do not belong to the administrators group can only view and modify the settings of the managed servers that they have been delegated management permissions
  • The reboot and shutdown actions cannot be applied to managed servers belonging to a Synology High Availability cluster