DHCP Server

DSM Version

DHCP Server


  • Turns Synology NAS into a DHCP server and allocates dynamic IP addresses to DHCP clients within the local network
  • Distributes subnets to multiple VLANs
  • Custom configurations for DHCP clients to suit different network scenarios
  • Boots up client devices over the network with TFTP and PXE


  • Supports multiple subnets on each interface
  • IP address reservation for MAC addresses
  • DHCP options to configure additional network settings for certain services
  • Vendor-specific options for clients with similar configuration requirements
  • Supports TFTP and PXE to boot up client devices over the network
  • Modifies read-only and read/write permissions for TFTP clients
  • Monitors network access by IP ranges
  • Supports downloading PXE boot loader files from remote TFTP servers
  • Customizes the maximum number of DHCP clients
  • Customizes the lease time for all connected devices
  • Sets up an IP range by manually or automatically assigning a subnet mask
  • Saves network settings for devices with static IP addresses
  • Supports Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) to locate a list of DHCP clients and their network configurations


  • Each network interface allows only one DHCP Server