Synology Central Management System
Synology Central Management System

Synology Central Management System

Simplify the management of large-scale or distributed Synology NAS deployments with a unified and intuitive platform.

Centralized management

Centralized management

Perform actions on large-scale deployments with just a few clicks.

Unified monitoring

Unified monitoring

Check the status of your entire deployment from a single, convenient location.

Simplify mass management

Get your fleet of Synology NAS up and running quickly by configuring multiple servers at once.

Avoid separately configuring each Synology NAS by adding them to a group of servers that share the same rules through a group policy.

Group Policies

Speed up mass deployment by performing predefined or script-based actions on all servers in a deployment, a specific group, or selected devices.


Selectively or batch update Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), packages, or settings on any server in a deployment.


Allow users to carry out monitoring and management tasks on specific servers or a group of servers by assigning them administrative rights.


Oversee your deployment

Monitor the status of all connected Synology servers through an intuitive and detailed dashboard.

Server performance

Display hardware and network information to make sure your deployment is performing as intended.

Storage status

Monitor the status of drives and volumes, and display storage usage for each Synology NAS.

System updates

Check which versions of Synology DSM are installed on each server to keep your systems up to date.

Services and packages

See what packages are running across a deployment or discover abnormal issues affecting any services.

Stay up to date

Browse aggregated notifications or receive policy-wide alerts for more than 90 types of events via email, SMS, or push service.

Stay up to date

Central Management System in action

BBC Media Action

BBC Media Action uses Synology CMS to configure and manage its distributed fleet of Synology NAS:

  • Remote deployment enables teams to start utilizing new servers or to update existing ones without requiring assistance from the local IT department
  • Remote monitoring from the headquarters in London simplifies the coordination of maintenance efforts across all offices, saving time and minimizing cost
Central Management System in action

Analyze your deployment's performance in detail

Protect the health of your deployment with Active Insight's cloud-hosted, real-time monitoring and troubleshooting tools.