With customizable event linking rules, flexible privilege settings, and instant email or mobile notifications, Synology offers full-fledged surveillance management tools perfect for your home and business environment.

Automate different surveillance functions with Action Rule

Create action rules to perform specific actions automatically when a pre-defined event occurs, such as instructing a camera to patrol between different user defined preset positions, and providing status on surveillance system components. Learn more about Action Rule.

  • Create action rules corresponding to a pre-defined event.

  • When a pre-defined event occurs, specified actions will be triggered.

  • Actions can include PTZ patrolling, recording, enabling/disabling of cameras, and more.

Integrated I/O modules with Action Rules

Users can link devices that are connected to the I/O module with Action Rules, allowing different devices to interact with each other, and making enterprise automation even more flexible and affordable.

Server door lock opened
Smoke detected

With the support for I/O module, Surveillance Station can be integrated with micro switches installed on server doors in control rooms. Opening the server doors will trigger the recordings to start, display alerts in the Live View page, and send notifications to your mobile device.

Connect to a smoke detector and set up an action rule to trigger an LED light upon detecting smoke. The location where the event takes place will be highlighted in E-map on Surveillance Station, allowing security personnel to effortlessly pinpoint the exact location of the event.

IFTTT & Webhook Integration

Let custom events trigger actions with IFTTT ("if this, then that") and Webhook services to create a smart home. Connect your NAS or NVR to platforms and devices such as Gmail, Facebook, smart lights, and smart speakers. Turn on smart lights when Surveillance System detects motion, or activate security cameras when someone opens the door.

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Automatically sends notifications

Receive notification messages when the system status changes, errors occur, camera disconnects, or detecting events.


Support for clickatell and the other SMS service providers.


Support for Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, QQ and user define SMTP server.


Support for the push notification service of DS cam.

Automatically switch security levels when coming home

Home mode is designed to let you quickly switch system settings and adjust to a different security level depending on where you are, at home or away.

  • Customized system settings

    Customize recording schedule, notification, stream profile, and action rule settings according to your needs.
  • Geofence trigger

    You can switch to Home Mode either manually or by schedule. Home Mode can also be switched automatically when users enter or leave a specified area with the geofence function enabled on DS cam.