Upgrade Your Storage

Advanced Storage for Photographers

Introducing a better way to store your Photos. Synology DiskStations make your entire photo collection available anytime, anywhere, over the internet. There are no monthly fees, and adding more space is as easy as adding a new hard drive.

Favorite Features

For Photographers

Below are some of the favorite features used by photographers who own a Synology, from around the world.

Expandable Storage

Simply insert a new drive or replace a small drive with a bigger drive to instantly add terrabytes of space.

Experience A Better Cloud

No more carrying around your files or paying monthly fees for cloud storage. Simply log in to your storage system over the internet, anytime, anywhere!

Centralize Your Data

Instead of having your data scattered accross CDs, USBs, and external hard drives, keep it in one easy to access place.

RAID Protection

All hard drives fail. Be protected with Synology Hybrid RAID. With SHR your data is distributed across your disks in a way that allows you to keep your data safe in an event of a hard drive failure.

Proper Photo Backup

Our Recommended Workflow

When creating digital content is your work, a proper backup workflow becomes important. We recommend the following:

  1. After the photo session, upload your files to your local drive (for example, computer or external HDD)
  2. Also select to upload a second copy of your RAW files to your Synology DiskStation.
  3. Edit your photos directly on your local drive and export to your Synology DiskStation when you are finished. Once on your DiskStation, they will be protected from HDD failure using our RAID technology.
  4. As an extra precaution, back up your DiskStation to the cloud and/or an external HDD for an extra layer of protection, just in case.

RC Concepcion

“As a photographer, your lifeblood are the images that you make. The DS1812 lets me store everything in one central location safely. Rock solid performance with such great features make it very easy to share with everyone why I just love Synology"

Joel Grimes

“Synology gave me something I never dreamed of, full access to all my images, anywhere I have access to the internet. Now when a client calls me demanding access to a backlog of images, they are just one click away. Beautiful!"

Peter Hurley

“Having access to my work from wherever I am opened up a new world to me. I not only feel that my files are protected, I can now do things for clientele that was previously impossible. My clients are happy, my retouchers are jumping for joy and I’m off to my next shoot with the peace of mind that Synology has my files covered and for me that’s a total SHABANG!”

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