Why does my Synology NAS have a single volume size limitation?

Owing to technical limitations, the size of a single volume is limited to 16, 108, or 200 terabytes (TB) on certain Synology NAS models1. However, you can install and utilize hard drives larger than this capacity by creating multiple volumes2 on RAID as long as each volume is below the maximum limitation of your Synology NAS model.


  1. For more information on the limitation of each Synology NAS model, please refer to the items of Maximum Single Volume Size and Maximum Internal Volume Number in its specifications. Some models with expandable RAM can be upgraded to 32GB or higher to support a single volume size of 200TB on RAID 5 or RAID 6 groups. Please refer to your model’s datasheet for more information.
  2. If your installed drives using Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) have a total raw capacity greater than the maximum single volume capacity, you will need to convert the single volume to multiple volumes on the SHR configuration. Please contact Synology Support Team for further assistance.