Release Notes for SAN Manager


SAN Manager helps you to manage and monitor your iSCSI and Fibre Channel services easily. Both iSCSI and Fibre Channel are storage area network (SAN) services that provide access to consolidated and block-level data storage. Clients can access storage space over storage network as if the space were local disks.

Version: 1.0.0-0195


What’s New

  1. SAN Manager is the successor of iSCSI Manager and will be available for updates in Package Center.
  2. Enhanced the random IOPS performance by up to 30% by fine-tuning the I/O queue depth and thread count.
  3. Added support for Global iSCSI CHAP to authenticate both connection and discovery sessions.
  4. Added support for FUA and Sync Cache SCSI commands to lower the risk of data loss or file system crash.
  5. Added new I/O policy options, Buffered I/O and Direct I/O, to cater to users' needs for different scenarios.
  6. Supports moving LUNs across volumes.
  7. Displays the types of hard drives (HDD/SSD) on VMware vSphere.
  8. Enhanced I/O performance, space reclamation performance, and connection stability.
  9. Enhanced the usability of snapshot retention policy setup and added an option to specify the number of days to retain all snapshots.
  10. The new Host page lets users efficiently group multiple initiators to manage their access to LUNs.