Release Notes for IDrive

Secure files on your Synology NAS devices with IDrive. Use the IDrive app to backup and restore files on your Synology device to prevent data loss in case of hardware failure. You can schedule automatic backups and restores, receive email notification on completion of all scheduled backup operations and view logs for details on operations performed via the IDrive app. You can also perform interactive backups and restores.

Version: 2.04.02

  1. Fixed the backup/restore log failure issue.
  2. Fixed backup/restore summary issue.
  3. Fixed issues with backup/restore retry scenarios.
  4. Fixed Storage used detail display issue.
  5. Fixed proxy related issues.
  6. Fixed Local search listing issues.

Version: 2.03.38

  1. Fixed backup retry failure issue.
  2. Fixed progress bar overflow.
  3. Fixed file size calculation issue.
  4. Fixed the app loading issue when DSM 6+ and Web Station beta are installed.

Version: 2.03.34

  1. Implemented the stat CGI.
  2. Resolved the app launch issue after installing the latest Web station in DSM 6.

Version: 2.03.30

  1. Performance fine tuning for backupset creation.
  2. Fixed the failed files wrong reason display issue.

Version: 2.03.29

  1. Implemented support for all new idrive accounts.
  2. Implemented "Progress bar" for backup/restore operations.
  3. Implemented backup set size display for selected backupset.
  4. Implemented location based search for backup/restore.
  5. Changed the way user logs out from app.
  6. Removed the perl dependency for package.

Version: 2.03.27


1.Resolved NAS user name case sensitive issue for NAS login.
2.Fixed the Shared list display issue if cgi returns no results.
3.Resolved CLI PHP issue in accessing code files.
4.Resolved backup location syncing issue back-end for few scenarios.
5.Resolved file/folder selection issues in restore.