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Built for your SAN storage needs

High performance
Highly-configurable scaling
Enterprise-grade support
High performance
Highly-configurable scaling
Enterprise-grade support

Seamless storage integration

Compatible with leading solutions

Certified support for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Windows Server, OpenStack Cinder, and Citrix XenServer means Synology SAN storage is ready for practically any virtualization environment.

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Platform-native management

Manage storage from your existing environment. Synology’s system works with SMI-S-compliant interfaces, and Synology Storage Console enables application-consistent snapshots from vSphere and Windows Server.

Seamless storage integration

Block storage for Kubernetes

Add persistent storage to your Kubernetes cluster with one of Synology's highly configurable data solutions. Provision, manage, protect and scale directly from your K8s management interface.

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Block storage for Kubernetes

Storage protocols for deployment flexibility

iSCSI / Fibre ChannelNFS
Availability / Load Balancing MPIO NFS multipathing (NFS 4.1)
VMware VAAI icon question
  • Atomic test/set
  • Full copy
  • Block zero
  • Thin provisioning
(Built into ESXi)
  • Full copy (only with cold migration—not with VMware vSphere Storage vMotion)
  • Preallocated space (WRITE_ZEROs)
  • Cloned offload using native snapshots
(Plug-in required)
Windows ODX icon question -
Citrix iSCSI Storage Repository -
OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) -
Data Protection / Management Granularity Datastore-level VM-level
Security CHAP (iSCSI) IP-based
Use Cases To achieve consistently high performance in larger deployments For quicker setup and smaller deployments; easy file/folder-level management

Built-in data protection

Snapshot Replication Hyper Backup Synology High Availability
RPO Minutes Hours Instant
RTO Seconds Hours Seconds
Protection Level Shared Folder / LUN File / Shared Folder / LUN Whole system
Destination Another Synology system6
  • Synology systems
  • External devices
  • Cloud services (for shared folders only)
Another Synology system8
Failover to replica (Manual) -
(Requires restoring from the replica first)
Transfer differential data only
Encryption (in transit) -
Compression - -
Versioning (For shared folders only) -
Use cases

For most use cases that require faster backup/restore time or resume services quickly from a replica when the primary storage fails.

Suitable for users who wish to keep multiple versions with minimal performance impact.

For archiving cold data with higher data efficiency.

Suitable for users who don't require fast backup/restoration or those who wish to back up to third-party devices.

For mission-critical services that require real-time synchronization to minimize any potential data loss as well as automatic failover without human intervention.
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"Configuring two Synology all-flash arrays in a high-availability cluster has helped us achieve performance that was unthinkable with our previous storage infrastructure..."

"The performance of Synology all-flash arrays never ceases to impress us: the team in our US datacenter were looking to get faster, more responsive NFS storage..."

"The UC3200 helps ensure that our most critical systems are able to run 24/7. It provides the reliability we need so that our potentially life-saving services are always available."

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  1. Please check the compatibility list to view supported network interface cards for individual models.

  2. Usable capacity varies according to the drives and RAID configuration selected for each system. The HD6500 currently is the only Synology system supporting 300 drives when fully expanded.

  3. Synology devices include limited warranties of either 2, 3, or 5 years. In select regions, certain models sold with 3-year warranties are eligible for optional extended 5-year warranties, sold separately.

  4. Both the host and destination storage volumes must be configured with the Btrfs file system.

  5. Please check the technical specifications for detailed information on the backup sources and destinations supported by Hyper Backup.

  6. Two Synology devices of the same model and with the same drive configuration are required for Synology High Availability.