Presto File Server

Presto File Server

Delivering instant and automated high-speed transfer between endpoints and server over WAN the way businesses deserve but can't reach with protocols like FTP and HTTP.

SITA technology

Synology Internet Transfer Accelerator (SITA) is a transfer acceleration technology developed by Synology. It improves file transfer performance and conquers high-latency and unstable connections when transferring files over long distances. See the performance tests

Unleash the potential of your bandwidth

Stagnation caused by network latency leaves available bandwidth idle. By improving the packet delivery assurance mechanism adopted by FTP and HTTP, SITA reduces stagnation and fully takes advantage of the available bandwidth.

Configurable transfer speed

With SITA, users can configure the minimum and maximum bandwidth according to their needs, better predicting and controlling the required file transfer time for different tasks.

SITA technology

Transfer digital data at high speed

The time it takes to transfer files between a company and its overseas branches via FTP or HTTP can delay projects and negatively impact efficiency. With SITA, time spent on transfer is greatly shortened, improving business continuity. See the performance tests

Accelerate remote workflows with faster file transfers

Delivering large files abroad via FTP or HTTP can take several days. Shipping data on hard drives may be faster, but with extra costs and risks of data loss. Presto File Server delivers data at much faster speeds in the existing network environment, benefiting industries that frequently transfer large data, such as multimedia, entertainment, engineering, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. See the performance tests

Easily exchange massive amounts of data

Performance tests on transfer speeds

Credential encryption and 2-step verification

Login credentials are secured in a dedicated TLS/TCP encrypted channel. The 2-step verification protects your credentials from attacks by malicious third parties and viruses.

File transfer encryption

Presto’s desktop client supports AES-128 encryption, ensuring bulk data remain highly secured as they transfer.

SSL verification

Synology Presto Client includes SSL verification to prevent users from connecting to phishing sites with untrusted SSL certificates, keeping the connection secure and safeguarding sensitive data.

Intuitive client for instant and automated transfer

Synology Presto Client lets you rapidly exchange data on Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can also use Presto through the command-line interface (CLI) with any customized scripts that best fit your usage scenarios.

Intuitive client for instant and automated transfer

Intuitive client for instant and automated transfer
  1. Adding new tabs on Synology Presto Client allows users to connect to multiple Presto File Servers concurrently. Login credentials are automatically saved, eliminating the hassle of needing to remember server addresses and credentials, and simplifying the transfer process.

  2. Transfer tasks can be prioritized on Transfer Manager, and the detailed logs keep a record of the recent activities of different accounts on different servers.

  3. You can drag and drop files between Presto and Windows File Explorer or macOS Finder, and can also use the native hotkey combinations on context menu to copy, paste, rename, and delete files.

Rapid, automated NAS-to-NAS file transfer

Transferring large files between multiple sites can take a long time. Schedule high-speed transfers across multiple sites with Synology Presto's Site Express. It automates file distribution by triggering the file transfers from one NAS to another, while its intuitive interface allows you to view the status at a glance.

Rapid, automated NAS-to-NAS file transfer

Flexible resource management

Synology Presto Client serves as an optimal solution for exchanging files between your PC and Synology NAS.

Dispatch and monitor resources

Dispatch and monitor resources

Priority of transfer tasks can be adjusted in Task Manager. Admins can keep track of events of different accounts on different servers through activity logs. Admins can also set the limitation on the number of concurrent file transfers to ensure the bandwidth is fully utilized by the prioritized tasks.

Flexible bandwidth control

Flexible bandwidth control

Bandwidth can be adjusted directly on Synology Presto Client according to what's needed on-premises. Setting the maximum and minimum bandwidth thresholds for file transfers allows better prediction of the required transfer time and bandwidth resource management.

Smart compression

Smart compression

Synology Presto Client can adapt to different data types and environments. The data compression function will be disabled to save CPU resources during incompressible data transfers.

Automating high-speed transfer

Automate high-speed transfers according to your needs with command-line interface support and the Synology Presto Automator1 desktop tool.

Customizable transfer experience

Use scripts to customize the way you want to transfer data (Download Presto CLI Manual)

Multiple ways to schedule

Schedule tasks to be transferred or have them triggered by events.

Automating high-speed transfer

Centralized monitoring and management

Effortlessly monitor bandwidth usage and transfers in real time with Presto File Server.

Real-time traffic status
Centralized transfer policy management
Detailed activity logs
Generate scheduled reports
Automating high-speed transfer

We are very satisfied with the high and stable transfer speed Presto File Server has delivered, it has fully replaced our previous transfer tools. And with its flexibility in VDSM deployment and Btrfs file system support, now we are able to consolidate all the services to one single server in a storage-efficient fashion. Truly an all-in-one solution may I say.

Josef Barak, CIO/CTO of Blue Sky Film Distribution a.s.

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