Active Insight

Active Insight

Monitor your Synology deployment performance, status, and file activity with live updates.1

Active Insight
Monitor all your systems in one portal2
Active Insight analyzes statistical data to help you diagnose anomalies on all NAS across different sites. Monitor all metrics from a centralized and intuitive dashboard, and schedule reports in PDF or CSV format to be automatically generated and delivered to always stay updated on your deployment's status.
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See more. Respond faster. NewActive Insight’s new file activity monitoring helps you enhance your deployment’s security.Better file activity insightsWith continuous file activity monitoring, you gain security event alerts along with an aggregate view of all the file operations on your system.Responsive snapshotsNow your system minimizes the risk of data loss from cyberthreats such as ransomware by identifying and responding to security incidents with automated snapshots.Granular detailsFile operation details at the user, folder, and even file level enable comprehensive incident analysis and response.
Analyze performance metrics fleetwide Inspect the health of your Synology NAS by viewing metrics and historical trends from anywhere on desktop and mobile. Use these insights to model workloads and solve performance bottlenecks. Learn more Monitor hardware healthCheck the memory utilization of each NAS, or take a look at the performance and load average of CPUs.Track storage useGet live and historical records of data consumption, IOPS performance, and more for better resource allocation and planning.Gauge protection levels in real time2Centralized monitoring also extends to data and access protection, simplifying the execution of multi-location backup plans and allowing you to react faster in the event of potential security breaches.Keep an eye on backup tasksMonitor Hyper Backup task statuses and review backup logs across all your devices to prevent dangerous gaps in your data protection.Monitor worldwide login activitiesAccess detailed logs, graphs, and statistics on login activities across your deployments, and receive alerts when the system detects abnormal patterns.Manage updates fleetwideView and install available updates for all Synology systems under your management, check update statuses and issues, and receive notifications when new versions are available.A central monitoring platformLeverage Active Insight to increase IT operational efficiency and minimize troubleshooting effortsManage multiple accounts from one portalAdd several Synology Accounts to your Active Insight dashboard to manage devices for different clients, teams, or users.Deployment reports made easyAutomated reports give you convenient access to the event and system activity information you need.One-stop supportSupport tickets submitted for devices with Active Insight enabled will automatically include system diagnostics logs, allowing our support teams to start investigating the issue faster.Actionable intelligenceActive Insight identifies signs of possible system failure and will notify you if your deployments are at risk. You can also set up your own rules, dashboards, and alerts based on self-defined standards and thresholds.Problem-solving adviceGet event notifications with detailed troubleshooting advice whenever Active Insight detects system anomalies affecting any Synology NAS under your administration.Custom event rulesConfigure your dashboard layout and create your own event notification rules to address specific concerns.Email and push messagesReceive event notifications via email and mobile push notifications to avoid missing anything unusual.Bring your monitoring station with youStay updated on the health and performance of your Synology units even on the go with the Active Insight mobile app. Take action immediately once potential issues arise with handy push notifications.Access Active InsightGet started today by enabling Active Insight on your Synology system or give it a go on our demo site.3
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How to set up Active Insight
Looking to centrally manage all your Synology NAS? Leverage Synology Central Management System (CMS) to configure settings and manage thousands of Synology NAS servers from one platform. Learn more

Who is using Active Insight?

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"With Synology Active Insight our organization has exactly the tool that we need to monitor our clients systems from one central dashboard. All the essential information is there: NAS and disk health, backup status and more. It also makes it easy to centrally deploy firmware updates. Active Insight has saved us a lot of time."

B. Broekema, General Manager, Pixelbyte

"By using Synology's Active Insight solution for the management and supervision of our customers' NAS, both for the hardware and for the management of external backups, we are now able to manage a fleet of more than 200 NAS representing more than 400 TB of hosted data. Active Insight enables us to quickly detect any anomalies at a glance, so we can react more quickly."

Jérôme Carrière, Deputy Director, Leader System

Recommended modelsFor IT enthusiastsSynology's powerful, cost-efficient NAS devices are suitable for IT enthusiasts who need ample storage for any digital interests and projects.Learn moreFor SMBsSmall and medium-sized businesses looking for a sophisticated storage solution can benefit from cost-efficient and reliable Synology NAS.Learn moreFor enterprisesLarge businesses with distributed offices and intensive workloads can take advantage of high-powered, low-latency storage solutions.Learn moreNotes:Active Insight is not available for Virtual DSM.DSM 7.0.1 or newer is required to display performance, backup, and login metrics on the Active Insight web portal. Other restrictions may apply. Refer to the software specifications for more details.To learn more about Terms & Conditions of Active Insight, please refer to this document.

Deployment visibility, 24/7

Your first three device licenses are free with Active Insight. Scale up at any time, as your deployment grows.


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Price does not include VAT.1
Total licenses
infoUp to 2,000 licenses (managed devices).

3 Complimentary + Subscribed ( per device/year)

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  • Monitor performance and storage
  • Update DiskStation Manager and packages
  • Monitor Hyper Backup
  • Detect unusual sign-in activity
  • Detect abnormal file activity
  • Generate custom reports
  • Customize events
  • Retain data (1 year)
Frequently asked questionsHow do I purchase Active Insight?Active Insight can be purchased through the Active Insight web portal under the Subscription menu.How many licenses do I need to purchase?​The number of licenses needed depends on the number of devices managed under Active Insight. To manage three devices or less without the additional features provided by the Premium plan the Free plan can be used. ​To manage more than three devices, a Premium license must be purchased for each device. For example, to manage four devices, four Premium licenses must be purchased.What happens to my Active Insight account after Active Insight launches officially?​2. Users who have clicked “subscribe” in the Active Insight web portal (had Premium features enabled) or manage more than 3 devices with Active Insight will have 21 days after the service's official launch to upgrade to a Premium plan. If no Premium plan is purchased, starting on the 22nd day, Active Insight will automatically transition to the Free plan without the additional features available under the Premium plan. ​Where are the Active Insight servers located?Active Insight is hosted in our C2 data center in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.What are the differences between Synology Central Management System (CMS) and Active Insight?​
Synology Central Management System (CMS) is designed to provide powerful central management of Synology devices in a single deployment and requires a Synology NAS to act as host. CMS is ideal for initial deployment and continuous management of storage devices within one domain or network, for example by setting up group policies or running scripts on select Synology NAS.Active Insight is a cloud-powered monitoring platform that provides limited central monitoring features for Synology NAS distributed globally, across one or several Synology Accounts. In addition to storage and performance metrics, Active Insight also provides Hyper Backup monitoring and unusual login activity monitoring.
Notes:The price displayed does not include VAT. Applicable taxes in accordance to your billing address will be included before checkout.