Active Insight

Active Insight

Safeguard the health and performance of your NAS deployments across multiple sites using Active Insight's automated real-time monitoring, protection, and troubleshooting advice.1

Active Insight
Global monitoring

Global monitoring

Check and analyze performance metrics for your Synology systems around the world.

Technical advice

Technical advice

Receive alerts with recommended follow-up actions when anomalies are detected.

Update management

Update management

Safely manage and monitor updates for your servers worldwide via the cloud.

Security dashboard

Security dashboard

Keep an eye on login activities and backup tasks on your systems wherever you are.

Monitor all your systems in one portal2

Active Insight analyzes statistical data to help you diagnose anomalies on all NAS across different sites. Monitor all metrics from a centralized and intuitive dashboard, and schedule reports in PDF or CSV format to be automatically generated and delivered to always stay updated on your deployment's status.

Monitor all your systems in one portal<sup>2</sup>

Analyze performance metrics fleetwide

Inspect the health of your Synology NAS by viewing metrics and historical trends from anywhere on desktop and mobile. Use these insights to model workloads and solve performance bottlenecks. Learn more

Monitor hardware health

Check the memory utilization of each NAS, or take a look at the performance and load average of CPUs.

Track storage use

Get live and historical records of data consumption, IOPS performance, and more for better resource allocation and planning.

Evaluate network performance

Examine the throughput of your devices and measure the latency of your network file systems.

Gauge protection levels in real time3

Centralized monitoring also extends to data and access protection, simplifying the execution of multi-location backup plans and allowing you to react faster in the event of potential security breaches.

Keep an eye on backup tasks
Monitor worldwide login activities
Manage updates fleetwide

A central monitoring platform

Leverage Active Insight to increase IT operational efficiency and minimize troubleshooting efforts

Manage multiple accounts from one portal
One-stop support

Actionable intelligence

Active Insight identifies signs of possible system failure and will notify you if your deployments are at risk. You can also set up your own rules, dashboards, and alerts based on self-defined standards and thresholds.

Problem-solving advice

Problem-solving advice

Get event notifications with detailed troubleshooting advice whenever Active Insight detects system anomalies affecting any Synology NAS under your administration.

Custom event rules

Custom event rules

Configure your dashboard layout and create your own event notification rules to address specific concerns.

Email and push messages

Email and push messages

Receive event notifications via email and mobile push notifications to avoid missing anything unusual.


Bring your monitoring station with you

Stay updated on the health and performance of your Synology units even on the go with the Active Insight mobile app. Take action immediately once potential issues arise with handy push notifications.



Access Active Insight

Get started today by enabling Active Insight on your Synology system or give it a go on our demo site.4

How to set up Active Insight

Release Notes

Looking to centrally manage all your Synology NAS?

Leverage Synology Central Management System (CMS) to configure settings and manage thousands of Synology NAS servers from one platform.


  1. Active Insight is not available for Virtual DSM.

  2. Certain advanced features require purchase of a premium subscription. A free trial is available.

  3. DSM 7.0.1 or newer is required to display performance, backup, and login metrics on the Active Insight web portal. Other restrictions may apply. Refer to the software specifications for more details.

  4. To learn more about Terms & Conditions of Active Insight, please refer to this document.

Stay on top of your fleet at all times

Try Active Insight Premium for free for 30 days.




Price does not include VAT.1
Managed devicesUp to 3Up to 800
Performance & storage monitoring
Synology package & system updates
Synology account delegation
Hyper Backup monitoring
Login activity monitoring
Custom reports
Custom events
Data update frequency1 hour/15 mins

info15 mins: CPU, memory, disk, and network info 1 hour: Volume and pool info

1 min/5 mins

info1 min: CPU and disk info; 5 mins: Memory, network, Hyper Backup, and login monitoring info

Data retention1 month1 year

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Customer Story

What our users are saying about Active Insight.

Customer Story

"With Synology Active Insight our organization has exactly the tool that we need to monitor our clients systems from one central dashboard. All the essential information is there: NAS and disk health, backup status and more. It also makes it easy to centrally deploy firmware updates. Active Insight has saved us a lot of time."

B. Broekema, General Manager, Pixelbyte


  1. The price displayed does not include VAT. Applicable taxes in accordance to your billing address will be included before checkout.