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One of the most important reasons that we choose to implement a disk-based backup solution with RS2212RP+ is that it offers automated backup solutions without manual intervention required. Versatile redundancy mechanism is also available to greatly raise reliability. Adalbert Krobath, System Engineer Application & Data Center Technology

The Company

With close to 200 years of pioneering solutions to measure the world, Leica Geosystems products and services are trusted by professionals worldwide to help them capture, analyze, and present spatial information. Leica Geosystems is best known for its broad array of products that capture accurately, model quickly, analyze easily, and visualize and present spatial information.
Those who use Leica Geosystems products every day trust them for their dependability, the value they deliver, and the superior customer support. Based in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, Leica Geosystems is a global company with tens of thousands of customers supported by more than 3,500 employees in 28 countries and hundreds of partners located in more than 120 countries around the world. Leica Geosystems is part of Hexagon Group, Sweden.

The Challenge

Many branch offices of Leica Geosystems have a local IT Infrastructure, where data is generated and maintained. While the company used tape backup to manage data integrity, defective tapes and the effort of manual tape-changing created problems in the past. Therefore, Leica Geosystems was looking for a local disk-based backup solution that offers easy implementation, reliability and scalable capacity on demand. Also, the budget plays a crucial role since the costs are incurred by the branch offices.

The Solution

After a brief market research and testing process, Leica Geosystems has chosen Synology's RackStation RS2212RP+. RS2212RP+ has already been successfully deployed respectively at seven branch offices and the headquarters. The NAS servers have been integrated into the existing centrally managed Windows Active Directory environment and the network access is regulated via group policies. All servers are monitored and notifications will be sent to the central monitoring department when a component fails. The centralized management for monitoring and settings of privilege rights ensure maximum administration efficiency.

In addition, RS2212RP+ is not limited to provide disk-based backup tasks only. The NAS server offers various practical applications for businesses use. For example, it is also a centralized file server that offers considerable storage capacity and the capability of mounting large image files.

The Benefits

For any business or organization, business continuity is one of the top priorities to consider. To Leica Gerosystems, RS2212RP+ fulfills the requirement with redundancy mechanisms. As the NAS solution is implemented, the troublesome tape drives and the replacement of the tape are no longer an issue to be worried. The backup tasks are running without any interruption or operational problem.

To ensure maximum reliability, the server offers an additional power supply and the dual LAN ports which are running in fault-tolerance mode. The selected RAID 6 array protects against malfunction of up to two hard disks. And, if the storage capacity gets insufficient in the future, the RS2212RP+ can be easily scaled up with expansion units during operation without further configuration adjustments.

Recommended Models

  • RS2212RP+

Recommended Features

  • Scalability
  • Redundancy mechanisms
  • Automated server backup
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