German School of Madrid

Deploying 50 Windows PC backup tasks with Active Backup for Business is effortless and efficient. Even with an entry-level 2-bay model, the global deduplication technology reduced the storage consumption by over 50 percent, and the flexible retention policy optimized our storage utilization. Luis Malo, IT manager of the German School of Madrid

The Company

Since 1896, the German School of Madrid educates and consolidates the development of children and young people from elementary school until their entry into university.

The School has a staff of 200 professionals to educate more than 1500 students. Since its inception, the school has counted among its students from children of ambassadors or German politicians settled in Spain. However, the institution has demonstrated its integrating nature promoting equality and giving the same importance to each student.

The Challenge

Before using Synology, the German School of Madrid stored all the data in a single Windows server without any redundancy or backup copies, increasing the risk of losing all the data in the event of a disaster. Therefore, they needed an easy-to-use solution to protect data in their Windows PCs while being compatible with Mac OS to support Time Machine backup. 

In addition, their video surveillance system was only compatible with limited brands of cameras, which make it hard for them to find cameras at better prices. Moreover, the outdated surveillance system was complicated to manage. As a result, they wanted to replace it with a more intuitive system that provides extensive camera choices.

The Solution

According to Luis Malo: "I already knew Synology products since I have an RT2600ac, and I trust Synology when choosing NAS for the German School of Madrid".

Thanks to Synology NAS devices, the School can have the protection of all their data. With Active Backup for Business, they can have centralized backup of multiple computers to one DS218+ without worrying about license-fee, providing bare-metal backup and restoration for the entire environment including data, settings, and operating system on PCs.

In addition, it centralizes all the backup tasks with single management console instead of acquiring different backup software programs, saving extra costs and excessive deployment times for the School. Moreover, it is easy to set up and manage, allowing end users to have self-service file or folder recovery instantly without bothering IT admins. With Global deduplication technology, storage consumption was also significantly reduced. 

For virtual server backups, the School used one DS116 as the backup destination in the first tier, and clone the data to another DS116 with Hyper Backup. The third tier of backup copies were uploaded to Amazon Glacier through Synology Glacier Backup application, ensuring additional protection for their data. 

The School had also changed its video surveillance system to Synology Surveillance Station.  This way, they can configure and view the live recording of the cameras from the control panel and archive the previous recordings in the DS218+. With the support for a wide range of devices and integration with I/O modules and door controllers, the School can enjoy more flexibility according to their needs.

Recommended Models

  • DS116 × 2
  • DS218+ × 2

Recommended Features

  • Active Backup for Business provides integrated backup solution for PCs and virtual machines
  • Surveillance Station supports over 6,000 camera models and efficient monitoring tools such as Live View
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