"We're pleased with Synology's overall performance. We centralized the management of 800 IP cameras with CMS and reduced storage use by 89.4% through Active Backup for Business."

Khuong Lai, IT Network Administrator at Funlab

The Company

Funlab is a leader in out-of-home entertainment. Its mission is to create wow spaces and deliver next-level fun to guests at any of its 38 venues across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Funlab is a privately held company whose brands include Strike Bowling, Sky Zone Australia, Holey Moley Golf Club, Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, and the newest addition, B. Lucky & Sons.

Since its establishment in 2002, Funlab has been dedicated to the creation, development, operation, and management of directional entertainment concepts. From beginning to end, its brands aim to create memorable experiences for each and every guest. Their intent is to provide fun spaces that bring people together to form unique experiences like no other.


The Challenge

Funlab has been growing dramatically in the past few years and is eager to embrace digital transformation to streamline operations and remain competitive. There were three main obstacles however faced by Funlab prior to deploying Synology NAS. First of all, accessing files remotely, sharing them, and synchronization were not possible on the existing DAS infrastructure. Secondly, the virtual machine solutions that were used by Funlab to run applications such as point of sales systems, bowling software, arcade apps, often crashed, had database issues, and lacked version control. To make matters worse, the analog CCTV DVR that Funlab was using didn't allow remote viewing and centralized management. It also only worked with a specific type of camera.

The Solution

After learning about Synology's solutions, Funlab deployed an RS3614xs and 38 RS3617RPxs units to each of the venues that they operated to consolidate file management, backup tasks, and video surveillance all onto Synology NAS.



Saved 89.4% storage space with global deduplication 

As Funlab runs its Active Directory, network/wifi controller, database servers, eftpos server, door access system, and other monitoring systems on 2 VMware ESXi servers at the HQ, the data and configurations take up 34.9TB on the 2 servers. Synology Active Backup for Business features global deduplication and Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology, allowing Funlab to reduce the amount of space needed for backups down to 3.7TB.

High performance converged solution

With Funlab's POS, arcade, bowling, debit machine software now running on Synology's Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), Funlab is now able to centralize multiple virtual machines in one single console, more delicately control the versioning of each virtual machine, and use Synology VMM as the hypervisor for other virtualization purposes in case their VMware ESXi servers are down.

An easy to deploy and expand video surveillance solution

Surveillance Station solves problems Funlab has been struggling with the traditional CCTV analog challenges: camera compatibility and remote monitoring. Each Funlab venue runs 18-25 cameras, and with Surveillance Station, not only is Fublab able to quickly deploy new ones as needed but monitor them from anywhere. Surveillance Station also allows them to centralize and easily back up recordings.

Recommended Models

  • RS3617RPxs × 38
  • RS3614xs

Recommended Features

  • Active Backup for Business
  • Virtual Machine Manager
  • Surveillance Station CMS
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