Ayuntamiento de Alaquàs

It's necessary for us to work with a trustworthy company with proven and credible technological capacity - that is Synology. Thanks to the intuitive deployment process of Synology C2 Backup, we revamped our backup policy in just minutes. Toni Saura, Councilor of new technologies, economy, employment and culture of the city of Alaquàs

The Company

Founded in the 15th Century, the City of Alaquàs is located in the Valencian Community of Spain, with more than 30,000 inhabitants in the city. The town hall manages the government of the city with more than 200 professionals that assure the perfect functioning of all institutions and services.

The Challenge

As a council, the government manages sensitive data of their inhabitants including public security, urban planning, personal information, taxation, etc.

The city town initially used one Synology DS2015xs as a file server to save and exchange data from different departments. However, in order to prevent data loss from unexpected accidents such as hard drive failures, disasters, and ransomware attacks, the CIO has decided to add another layer of protection by backing up all sensitive documents offsite. In addition, to meet the requirements of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the City of Alaquàs needs an optimal solution with strong encryption.

The Solution

Toni decided to deploy Synology C2 Backup as the other layer of protection. Synology C2 Backup extends data protection from one Synology NAS to the cloud of Synology, allowing users to safeguard the important data from illicit access while being transmitted or stored by enabling military-grade AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption technologies. Without the private key provided to the user, all important data stored on Synology C2 cannot be deciphered by anyone, not even by Synology. Most importantly, as the data center of C2 Backup is in Europe, Synology guarantees the compliance of GDPR, a key need for all users. 

The Benefits

Client-side encryption

Synology C2 Backup features client-side encryption, allowing the council to safeguard their data before storing it in C2 data center. Ensure that no one else can access the private and confidential data.

Granular file restoration

Synology C2 Backup provides file-level restoration so that the IT personnel of the council can retrieve a specific file without restoring everything in the same backup task.

Data accessibility

The users of the council are able to access important data stored on Synology C2 from any other platforms, which shows an enormous flexibility.

Maintain file history

With the multi-version support, Synology C2 Backup offers multiple recovery points of data and enables employees of the council to browse through different previous file versions easily. 

Recommended Models

  • DS2015xs

Recommended Features

  • Hyper Backup optimizes storage utilization
  • C2 Backup extends the coverage of data protection
  • Snapshot Replication allows data restoration
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