Recording & Playback

Set up a variety of recording modes according to your requirements and compare footage recorded from different cameras simultaneously. You can also analyze events in the Smart Search app, and ensure the reliability of exported files with Synology Evidence Integrity Authenticator.

Find and manage recordings

Find important video feeds as quickly as possible by simultaneously viewing different time periods of the same recording or concurrently viewing different recordings. You can also manage recordings efficiently by using the import or export function or downloading specific parts of the video.

Find and manage recordings

Event Log

Central event recording management facilitates quick video access, search, and playback.

Label and bookmark

Label important recordings and bookmark time points for easy future access.

Download Specific Time-Frames

Select time periods in videos and download separately, or merge into one clip.

Watermark Overlay

Watermark downloaded videos with text and images to prevent unauthorized use.


  • On-screen operations

    You can use on-screen buttons to manage recordings, take snapshots, or zoom in and out directly on the Timeline panel.
  • Sync & non-sync mode

    "Sync mode" allows you to compare footage recorded from different cameras simultaneously. "Non-sync mode" helps you check out footage from different times to find suspicious events with more efficiency.
  • Frame-by-frame playback

    Timeline lets you play back frame by frame to scrutinize the smallest changes in recordings that contain a larger number of frames.
  • On-screen operations
  • Sync & non-sync mode
  • Frame-by-frame playback
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Recording Mode

Automatically capture footage using a variety of recording modes according to a schedule or visual analytics such as motion detection.


The recording will continue until the end of the scheduled session to make sure that nothing is missed.


On the Live View panel, you have the flexibility to manually start or stop the recording instantly.

Advanced continuous

The recording resolution will be enhanced when a detected event occurs.

Edge recording

Automatically retrieve footage from the camera's memory card when the network connection has been recovered.

Alarm Trigger

The recording will start when the camera or external device detects an event that matches the pre-defined criteria.

Event linking

"Action Rules" allows your devices to interact with other devices automatically.

Archive recordings in a flexible way

Archive Vault is a recording backup solution dedicated for your Surveillance Station. You can archive recordings to remote Surveillance Station servers using customized settings. Additional features such as bandwidth control and an intuitive playback interface enable more convenience and functionality.

Flexible archive settings

Customize various settings such as specifying the number of days recordings are to be kept, and selecting specific cameras, recording time, and event modes to run archiving tasks.

Bandwidth control

With bandwidth control, running archiving tasks will not dramatically impact network speeds.

Intuitive interface for archive recording playback

View archive recordings conveniently via the Recording and Timeline applications in Surveillance Station.

Infinite Possibilities Beyond Surveillance

Unleash the potential and capabilities of your Surveillance Station with the advent of Live Broadcast and Smart Time Lapse

Live Broadcast

Live Broadcast

The Live Broadcast application enables you to live stream to YouTube with a simple setup process, allowing visitors to watch live footage without the need to install additional software.

Smart Time Lapse

Smart Time Lapse

Time Lapse fast forwards a long video and generates a shorter version that is only a few minutes or even seconds long, making it convenient to monitor the progress of ongoing tasks. The time compression factor can be dynamically reduced to display more video details when specific events are detected.