Diverse Device Integration

Integration with I/O modules, door controllers, IP speakers, POS systems and various types of devices helps you manage the whole environment. With action rules and paired cameras, the occurrence of pre-defined events will trigger corresponding actions or popup windows showing relevant live feeds.

Monitor transaction environments with the POS system

Integrating with POS1, Surveillance Station is now able to deliver solutions that meet retail business' requirements. Users can manage transactions with corresponding video clips, and receive notifications when abnormal transactions are detected. Watch the video tutorial

  • Monitoring transactions

    Transaction details can be shown in live view and historical recordings when pairing transaction devices with cameras.
  • History  search

    Search historical transactions easily via an intuitive interface. Historical records can also be displayed with its corresponding video clips.
  • User-defined events

    With pre-defined keywords or events, you can get instant alert notifications when abnormal transactions are detected.
  • Monitoring transactions
  • History  search
  • User-defined events
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IP Speakers

With the first ever extensive integration with IP speakers, we are introducing analog-to-digital conversion in surveillance to the realm of audio systems, significantly improving the convenience of deployment, management, and utilization.

Convenient and User-Friendly Operation

With just a few simple steps, users can now broadcast audio in real time or play scheduled recordings on multiple IP speakers synchronously with the Grouping feature.

Digitized Deployment with Remote Management and Monitoring

By converting analog signals into a digital format, administrators can easily complete deployment and manage IP speakers remotely troubleshooting and more.

I/O module integration

Support for I/O module allows Surveillance Station to integrate with a wide range of devices with specialized features. This lets you implement more detection methods according to your needs, without having to invest in a large number of expensive cameras. Read the full compatibility list here

Smoke & infrared detectors

LED lights

Electromagnetic locks

Fully integrated with Action Rules

Users can link devices that are connected to the I/O module with Action Rules, allowing different devices to interact with each other, and making enterprise automation even more flexible and affordable.

Server door lock opened
Smoke detected

With the support for I/O module, Surveillance Station can be integrated with micro switches installed on server doors in control rooms. Opening the server doors will trigger the recordings to start, display alerts in the Live View page, and send notifications to your mobile device.

Connect to a smoke detector and set up an action rule to trigger an LED light upon detecting smoke. The location where the event takes place will be highlighted in E-map on Surveillance Station, allowing security personnel to effortlessly pinpoint the exact location of the event.

Monitor, lock, or unlock door with Surveillance Station

Integrating with AXIS Network Door Controller solutions, Synology NAS and NVR empower you to manage physical access control of your offices, labs, or warehouses, preventing any risks of a break-in or employee theft. You can easily monitor access points, lock and unlock doors all on Surveillance Station's intuitive user interface. Learn more about Access Control

Inspect physical access logs and videos in one portal

When events happen, it's important to have logs to check details, such as which employee opened a door or when it was opened. With Log center in Surveillance Station, you can view access logs of the connected doors, search logs based on the source, door, status, time interval, or keywords, and even playback recordings captured by the paired camera.


  1. Each transaction device requires two Surveillance Device Licenses.