Comprehensive traffic management

To deal with heavy network traffic from multiple applications, Synology Router Manager (SRM) comes with advanced traffic management tools.


The monitoring function provides home users or office admins detailed information about each application and device's traffic, making it easy to discover potential threats and compromised devices.

Live view per device
Application statistics


With traffic shaping, you can take immediate action against any suspicious device or application and regulate your network based on your needs.

Device Control
Application QoS

Advanced control

Admins can create up to 5 networks, set bandwidth limits, and define application Quality of Service rules for each separately.

Advanced control


SRM’s powerful reporting features can regularly give you clean and detailed visual reports to assist in network tuning and management.


  1. Traffic Overview

    Provides throughput statistics, detailed event logs, and recent traffic trend.

  2. Applications

    Traffic statistics are listed in both single app and category aspects for further analysis.

  3. Devices

    Focuses on individual device's behavior, including accumulated traffic and new device tracking.

  4. Destination

    Track traffic destination by location and website domains for advanced control.

More convenience, flexibility, and information

  • Export your reports to CSV and HTML formats.
  • Set up schedules to automatically generate reports.
  • Send reports by email for access on mobile devices.
  • Define report intervals, from daily to annual.