Release Notes for Synology Storage Console for VMware

Synology Storage Console for VMware is a storage management plugin on vSphere Client that simplifies managing and monitoring multiple Synology NAS. With Storage Console installed, you will be able to take application-consistent snapshots directly from DSM. For detailed installation instructions, please refer to the tutorial.

Version: 1.1.3-0104


Compatibility & Installation

  1. Updated to be compatible with DSM 7.2 RC.

Version: 1.1.1-0100


What's New

  1. Added support for 2-factor authentication.
  2. Supports extending the storage provider certificate to ensure that VASA Provider functions properly.

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed an issue where DSM couldn't take application-consistent snapshots for the datastore when some virtual machines didn't support the feature.

Version: 1.1.0-0095


What's New

  1. Added support for VMware VASA Provider (VASA 1.0) and VM storage policy management, providing more detailed datastore status and easier management.
  2. Supports adding storage systems via HTTPS for better connection security.
  3. Added support for Synology Unified Controller.
  4. Supports mounting datastores, allowing users to mount existing datastores for multiple hosts more efficiently.

Version: 1.0.1-0074


Important Note

  1. The update is expected to be available in all regions within the next few days. The actual time of release may vary slightly depending on the region.

What's New

  1. This is the initial release of Synology Storage Console for VMware. Learn more about detailed features, specifications, and limitations here.