Release Notes for MariaDB 10


MariaDB is a community-developed fork of MySQL and is one of the most widely used open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). It is highly compatible with MySQL and allows users to effortlessly migrate databases from MySQL to MariaDB. With MariaDB, you can easily and efficiently read, update and manage your data.

Version: 10.3.21-0063


What's new

  1. Updated to version 10.3.21.
  2. Added a new password policy for more security. This policy requires all passwords to meet the minimum length and contain mixed-case letters, numbers, and special characters; moreover, it does not allow common passwords or usernames to be used as passwords.

Version: 10.3.11-0054

  1. Upgraded to version 10.3.11.
  2. Support modifying database port.

Version: 10.3.7-0051

  1. Upgraded to version 10.3.7.
  2. Fixed an issue where package notification may be incorrect.

Version: 10.0.34-0013

  1. Improve the security of MariaDB 10.

Version: 10.0.32-0010

  1. Fixed an issue where the package may fail to launch properly during clean installation due to volume abnormality.
  2. Upgraded to version 10.0.32.

Version: 10.0.31-0008

  1. Fixed an issue where version information of packages might be incorrect when searching via Universal Search.
  2. Fixed an issue where a MariaDB 10 database might fail to be backed up via Hyper Backup when the database name contains UTF-8 encoded characters.
  3. Upgraded to version 10.0.31.

Version: 10.0.30-0006


You can now keep the original database in MariaDB 5 after the migration of Synology's open-source packages to Maria DB 10.

Version: 10.0.30-0005

  1. This is the initial release of MariaDB 10, which is built on the MariaDB 5.5 series and combined with backported features from MySQL 5.6.
  2. Added support for users to choose from database restore and creation after uninstall.