Release Notes for DS video (Android TV)

DS video allows you to stream videos from Video Station to your smart Android TV or smart set-top box for great fun.

Version: 1.1.7-10060

  1. Fixed an issue where it would take a long time to load a video list.

Version: 1.1.6-10059

  1. Fixed the issue where subtitles might not display properly in an autoplay.
  2. Fixed the issue where users could not sign in properly using their self-defined port after signing out.
  3. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 1.1.5-10054

  • Updated to be compatible with Amazon Fire TV
  • Fixed an issue where video descriptions might not display properly

Version: 1.1.4-10049

  • Removed the limit on the maximum number of loaded videos.

Version: 1.1.3-10041

  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.1.2-10039

  • Added an option to set a third-party player as default player
  • Fixed an issue where users might fail to fast forward or rewind with a Sony TV remote
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.1.1-10034

  • Fixed an issue where certain videos might be played in inaccurate aspect ratio
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.1.0-10031

  • Added parental control to restrict user access to certain videos with a 4-digit PIN (Video Station 2.2.0 or above required)
  • The settings of the previous playback will now be remembered, including subtitle source, audio track, and subtitle syncing options (Video Station 2.2.0 or above required)
  • Home videos can now be browsed in timeline mode (Video Station 2.2.0 or above required)
  • Subtitle preferences can now be adjusted in the player
  • Added an option to show indicators for unwatched videos
  • Minor bug fixes