Release Notes for Synology MailPlus

Composing emails or replying to messages on mobile devices can be a hassle. With the intuitive design of Synology MailPlus, you can accomplish more with less effort. Organize your emails right in the palm of your hand. The swipe gestures allow you to quickly apply desired actions to your emails. Quick-reply templates save repeated keystrokes and make your reply even more efficient. With Synology MailPlus, managing emails is only a few taps or swipes away.

Version: 2.7.0-848


Important Note

  1. This update is only available on Android 10 and above.
  2. To use mobile calendar features, update the server to Synology Calendar 2.5.0.

What's New

  1. Integrated Synology Calendar's features into Synology MailPlus, allowing users to conveniently view, manage, and filter events to prioritize important matters.
  2. Supports daily summaries for calendar events.
  3. Supports attachment reminder when "attachment" or "attached" is mentioned in the email content without an attached file.

Fixed Issues

  1. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 2.7.0-833


Important Note

  1. This release is a Beta program.
  2. This update is only available on Android 10 and above.
  3. To use mobile calendar features, update the server to Synology Calendar 2.5.0.

What's New

  1. Integrated Synology Calendar's features into Synology MailPlus.
  2. Supports daily summaries for calendar events.
  3. Supports unsending emails within 5 seconds after sending, provided that the send cancellation period is set up in the MailPlus web client.

Fixed Issues

  1. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 2.6.0-748


Important Note

  1. This version requires Synology MailPlus 2.0.0 or above.

What's New

  1. Supports priority mailboxes for customizing the priority of emails.
  2. Updated the style of text stickers.
  3. Supports displaying email attachments encrypted with S/MIME.
  4. Supports collapsing and expanding subfolders.

Fixed Issues

  1. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 2.5.1-700


Fixed Issues

  1. Enhanced the application stability.
  2. Fixed the connection timeout issue that might result in email update failures.
  3. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 2.5.0-694


What's New

  1. Supports viewing scheduled messages and reverting to drafts.
  2. Supports applying the web client's signature settings for new messages and replies.

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed an issue where messages might not be updated on the foreground.
  2. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 2.4.0-651


What's New

  1. Supports turning on or off conversation mode in app settings.
  2. Supports dark mode. The theme can be modified in app settings.
  3. Lists recently used mailboxes and labels for quick selection.
  4. Supports regularly clearing push notifications after read on other devices when Internet connections meet the "Prefetch email content" settings.

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed an issue where images in an email might not be displayed.
  2. Fixed the browsing issue of image attachments.
  3. Fixed an issue where users could not type into the quick reply box with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Version: 2.3.0-610


What's New

  1. Supports contact search and displays contacts from Synology Contacts by name.
  2. Supports viewing email history with a contact and editing contact information.
  3. Supports displaying photos assigned in Synology Contacts on the email list.
  4. Supports login via Synology Secure SignIn when it is enabled on DSM 7.

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed an issue where typing Korean letters into the quick reply box could not form characters on a Samsung tablet.

Version: 2.2.0-556


What's New

  1. Added a quick reply box.
  2. Supports nested labels.
  3. Supports moving emails from Sent to another mailbox.
  4. Supports creating sub-mailboxes under Inbox.
  5. Supports face recognition unlock.

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed an issue where accounts deleted from other Synology mobile apps would still appear on MailPlus.
  2. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 2.1.0-497


What's New

  1. Added new emojis.
  2. Enhanced the connection process over QuickConnect to strengthen the security.

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed an issue where users might open an unexpected email because the provided preview text did not match the actual content.

Version: 2.0.0-425


Important Note

  1. The latest Synology MailPlus requires Android 7.0 or later.
  2. Please update Synology Application Service to the latest version (1.7.0-0459) to ensure the functionality of the account switching feature.

What's New

  1. Supports multiple account login, where notifications for all logged-in accounts are displayed and the total number of unread emails is shown.
  2. Supports fetching contacts from Synology Contacts.
  3. Supports customizing the toolbar in Email Viewer.
  4. Supports showing recipients in Sent.
  5. Increased the speed of opening an email from a push notification.

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed the issue where the intended recipients in the reply-to field were not added correctly.
  2. Fixed the issue where emails in Sent could be moved to other mailboxes.
  3. Fixed the issue where files with non-English names could not be attached.
  4. Fixed the issue where push notifications might not work when the power saving mode was on.
  5. Fixed the issue where an email that could not be delivered was saved into two drafts.

Version: 1.11.0-352

  1. Supports using signatures created in MailPlus web client.
  2. Supports quick actions on email notifications, including “Delete”, “Archive”, and “Mark as read”.
  3. Supports deleting search history.
  4. Fixed an issue where inserted photos or videos could not be displayed in a draft email.

Version: 1.10.3-312

  1. Enhanced application stability

Version: 1.10.2-311

  1. Supports Google FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) to ensure the availability of push notification services
  2. Enhanced application stability
  3. Fixed an issue where sent emails might not be able to display certain stickers and emojis

Version: 1.10.1-308

  1. Enhanced application stability
  2. Fixed an issue where unlocking app with fingerprint might not be available

Version: 1.10.0-307

  1. Android MailPlus 1.10.0 is only compatible with MailPlus 1.1.0 and above
  2. Supports using swipe gestures to go to the next or previous email thread
  3. Fixed an issue where alerts might pop up when the certificate of NAS is still valid
  4. Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.9.0-261

  1. Supports encrypting the content of push notification for new mails before sending it to third-party push notification servers.
  2. Fixed an issue where MailPlus app might crash on HUAWEI P20 mobile phones.
  3. Fixed an issue where logging in with IPv6 might fail.
  4. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 1.8.0-231

  1. Updated Synology's terms and conditions for EU data privacy compliance.

Version: 1.7.0-228

  1. Supports viewing images in attachments with image viewer without downloading. 
  2. Supports multi-selecting images and attaching them to mails. 
  3. Supports reporting suspicious mails to system administrator to enhance spam learning.
  4. Supports customizing notification methods for new mails. 
  5. Supports copying mail subjects and hyperlinks in the mail body.
  6. Fixed an issue where user interface display on Xiaomi smartphones might be abnormal.
  7. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 1.6.1-206

  1. Fixed a security vulnerability regarding MailSploit. (Synology-SA-17:82)

Version: 1.6.0-204

  1. Supports internationalized email addresses to send mails with or receive mails from email addresses in local languages (e.g. Chinese and Russian).
  2. Fixed an issue where decrypting emails sent from Thunderbird desktop clients on Windows might fail.
  3. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 1.5.0-200

  • Supports managing emails in shared mailboxes.
  • Supports disabling auto-highlighter for date and time texts in email body.
  • When you reply to messages, the system will auto-select the replying email address where the message was received. (with the corresponding SMTP option enabled in the MailPlus web client)
  • Fixed an issue where attachments in the draft might be lost if delivery failed.
  • Fixed an issue where checked emails might be marked unread.
  • Fixed an issue where login might fail after the server certificate was changed. 
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version: 1.4.3-180

  • . Fixed an issue where the application would crash after launch.

Version: 1.4.2-176

  • . Fixed an issue where changing the keyboard language to non-English languages might fail

Version: 1.4.1-175

  • . Supports showing long email in an independent view
  • . Supports showing all recipient email addresses with one tap on the recipient field
  • . Added one option for collapsing all mail messages
  • . Fixed an issue where dates in mail body might not be properly highlighted
  • . Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.4.0-168

  • . Changed to the conversation view for better mail browsing
  • . Supports adding events to Synology Calendar by tapping dates/times in mail
  • . Supports setting passcode for data protection (Fingerprint scanner supported)
  • . Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.3.2-130

  • . Supports displaying shared contacts in Windows AD domain for quick selection of senders/recipients (MailPlus and MailPlus Server 1.1.1 or above required)
  • . Enhanced application stability
  • . Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.3.1-120

  • . Enhanced application stability
  • . Fixed an issue where received emails might not show up in correct time sequence in push notifications
  • . Fixed an issue where OpenPGP might be abnormally enabled on MailPlus mobile app
  • . Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.3.0-114

  • . Supports Push Notification Service (requires MailPlus/MailPlus Server 1.1.0 or above)
  • . Supports OpenPGP for email encryption and decryption (requires MailPlus/MailPlus Server 1.1.0 or above)
  • . Supports passcode lock to protect user privacy
  • . Enhanced message loading performance
  • . Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.2-103

  • . Provides action buttons in the message list, including archive, delete, and apply label
  • . Support for attaching multiple images at once
  • . Group contacts can be selected when specifying the sender/recipient
  • . Change the font size of message content to fit your needs
  • . Fixed an issue where contacts might be lost after being edited
  • . Fixed an issue where login time might be too long when accessing MailPlus via 80/443 port

Version: 1.1-092

  • Supports undo operation for Delete/Move/Archive/Remove current label actions
  • Supports printing email content
  • Supports tapping recipient email addresses to add/edit contacts directly
  • Clip long email messages to shorten loading time
  • Notifications will appear for new mail in the selected mailboxes
  • List email addresses according to contact frequency when specifying the sender/recipient
  • Allows archiving email threads when viewing a single message
  • Date format on thread/message list will be displayed based on the regional settings of the device
  • Mobile devices can be remembered for exemption from 2-step verification
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.0-072

  1. This is the initial release of this app and requires MailPlus package and DSM 6.0 Beta to run.