Release Notes for DS get

DS get allows you to access Download Station remotely from your Android device: you can view your download task list and the information about an individual task, as well as pause, resume or delete tasks. Whether through Web browsers (the device’s native browser or the one in-built in DS get), or simply by inputting the url, you can create downloads on-the-go. DS get also allows to manage key settings of Download Station: maximum upload and/or download speeds can be set for different types of downloads. Advanced schedules defined in Download Station can be activated/deactivated from DS get.

Version: 1.12.5-172


What's New

  1. Added support for 64-bit architectures.

Bug Fixed

  1. Fixed the issue where users might not be able to sign in with 2-factor authentication enabled.
  2. Fixed the issue where the scrollbar might cover the More button.
  3. Fixed the issue where using magnet links containing "https" to create a download task might not work properly.
  4. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 1.12.4-168

  1. Fixed an issue where downloading torrent files via URLs containing special characters might fail.
  2. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 1.12.3-166

  1. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 1.12.2-162

  • Minor bug fixes.

Version: 1.12.1-160

  1. Supports Thai user interface

  2. Fixed a security vulnerability (Synology-SA-18:56)

  3. Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.12.0-157

  1. Updated Synology's terms and conditions for EU data privacy compliance

Version: 1.11.1-150

  • This application is now renamed as DS get
  • Fixed an issue where opening the feedback form or support form might fail
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.11-146

  • Enhanced the auto-login performance
  • Fixed an issue where DS download and Download Station might not show consistent information of filesize and download/upload rate
  • Fixed an issue where DS download might crash or jump to another page when the tablet was rotated
  • Fixed an issue where the eMule tab might disappear when users opened eD2k links in an external browser
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.10-138

  • Supports creating download tasks by uploading files from mobile devices
  • Your mobile device can be remembered to avoid repeated password entry for 2-step verification
  • Fixed an issue where DS download would crash due to login with unprivileged user credentials
  • Fixed an issue where HTC A9 on Android 6.0 could not access its external SD card
  • Fixed an issue where users could not change to another destination folder if the original destination did not exist or was renamed
  • Fixed an issue where login via QuickConnect might fail
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.9.1-133

  • Fixed an issue where login to DSM 6.0 might fail when HTTP connections were automatically redirected to HTTPS
  • Fixed an issue where DSM wouldn't remove connection after users logged out of DS download

Version: 1.9-128

  • Added support for downloading tasks that require CAPTCHA passwords. (Download Station 3.6-3140 or above required)
  • 2-step verification is supported for DSM 6.0 to provide extra security
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.8-113

  • Traditional Chinese is now displayed for Hong Kong users
  • It is possible to create multiple tasks in one go
  • Minor bug fixes and usability enhancements

Version: 1.7-103

  • It's now possible to select files from within a torrent (Download Station 3.5-2923 Beta or later required)
  • Minor bug fixes and usability enhancements

Version: 1.6.1-095

  • The menu's display on Android 5.0 is adjusted to be easier to read
  • Minor bug fixes and usability enhancements

Version: 1.6-092

  • Fixed an issue preventing login with a QuickConnect ID when the system language was set to Turkish
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.5.1-087

  • Improved the selection of BT search results where the scroll bar would overlap with the options button (notably on Android 4.4 devices)
  • Added the download button in the BT search detail page on the tablet version in portrait mode
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.5-084

  • The login history is shared between Synology mobile apps for more convenience (hostnames and account names)
  • Unicode domain names (also known as IDN) are now supported
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.4-067

  • It's now possible to choose the destination folder of a download
  • Filter settings are now remembered after logging back in
  • Improved the support form to contact us, added a "What's new" section
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.3-053

  • Login with QuickConnect is now available (DSM 5.0 Beta required)
  • It's now possible to verify the certificate installed on the DiskStation to for an even more secure connection
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.2.2-046

  • Magnet links are now directly downloaded and not opened in the browser
  • Fixed an issue where DS download would crash after logging in on Android 4.4 devices
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.2.1-042

  • It's now possible to select multiple links on a webpage to create downloads (native and inbuilt browsers)
  • DS download has an updated form for contacting our support team
  • We've added an FAQ section for basic troubleshooting
  • Fixed an issue where DS download would crash when returning from the background
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.2-037

  • Search torrents by keywords and download them directly to the DiskStation
  • Fixed a misleading error message when the Download Station version was too low (the error message would mention insufficient user privileges instead)
  • Fixed an issue where files larger than 1MB couldn't be handled
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.1.3-034

  • Fixed an issue where error messages would keep on popping up on certain tablets in landscape mode
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.1.2-032

  • Additional filters for the task list
  • Fixed an issue with the "Keep me logged in" feature
  • Fixed an issue when copy-pasting links on Android 2.x devices
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.1.1-029

  • Fixed a re-logging bug occurring with the Samsung S3
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.1-023

  • Option to open RSS feed links in the web browser
  • Added bookmark history
  • Modified the download behavior so non-torrent downloads are handled by the phone instead of DS download
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.0-012

  • New app