Virtual Machine Manager


  • Intuitive hypervisor software that allows your Synology NAS servers to run various operating systems on virtual machines
  • Centralized management and monitoring of multiple instances of virtual machines in a cluster of multiple Synology NAS servers
  • Virtual machine migration for effective hardware resource management
  • High availability and disaster recovery solutions for maximum service uptime
  • Supports running Virtual DSM that offers robust features and is equally powerful as DiskStation Manager (DSM)


  • Supports various operation systems, including Windows, Linux and Virtual DSM (Refer here for the complete list of supported operating systems and here for more information on Virtual DSM license)
  • The maximum number of virtual machines varies by Synology NAS models (Refer to this article to know how many virtual machines can be run on a Synology NAS)
  • Supports a maximum of 7 Synology NAS in a cluster
  • Privilege control for each virtual machine
  • Easy sharing of and access to virtual machines via browser URLs
  • Real-time CPU, memory, and network usage monitoring
  • Supports virtual machine instant clone within seconds
  • Supports virtual machine suspension and resumption
  • Supported image types:
    • Virtual DSM: *.pat
    • ISO: *.iso
    • Disk: *.img, *.vmdk, *.vdi, *.vhd, *.vhdx, and *.qcow2
  • Supports exporting a virtual machine as an OVA file
  • Schedulable snapshots for each virtual machine
    • Maximum number of snapshots per virtual machine: 32 (255 with a VMM Pro license)
    • Maximum number of snapshots per host: 65,536
  • Supports file-system consistent snapshots (Synology Guest Tool required on the guest OS)
  • Maximum number of virtual switches: 4 (4,096 with a VMM Pro license)
  • Maximum share links per host: 1 (16 with a VMM Pro license)
  • Virtual machine specifications
    • CPU
      • Compatibility mode for live migrations when CPUs on two hosts are different
      • Hyper-V Enlightenments function for I/O performance optimization
      • QoS for CPU resource reservation
      • The maximum number of virtual CPUs varies by Synology NAS models
    • RAM
      • Minimum RAM
        • Virtual machine: 128 MB
        • Virtual DSM: 1 GB
      • The maximum number varies by Synology NAS models
    • Disk
      • Supported disk controller: IDE, SATA, VirtIO
      • Maximum number of disks per virtual machine/Virtual DSM: 8
    • Network
      • Supported network interface: virtio, e1000, rtl8139
      • Supports SR-IOV
      • Supports MAC address modification
      • Minimum vNIC per virtual machine/Virtual DSM: 1
      • Maximum vNIC per virtual machine/Virtual DSM: 8
    • Others
      • USB 2.0/3.0 passthrough (not supported on Virtual DSM)
      • Supported video card: cirrus, vga, vmvga
      • Supported boot modes: UEFI BIOS, Legacy BIOS
  • Advanced features for Virtual Machine Manager Pro:
    • Live migration relocates a virtual machine to another host without interrupting ongoing services
    • Supports High Availability for virtual machines
    • Protection plans secure virtual machines with schedulable snapshot and replication tasks
    • Supports running virtual machines on a remote host
    • Supports storage migration to a remote host
    • Refer here for more information on VMM Pro license


  1. Virtual machines can only run on Synology NAS with more than 2 GB of memory
  2. Virtual machine data can only be stored on Btrfs volumes
  3. Virtual DSM does not support the features below:
    • USB passthrough
    • Control Panel: External Device, Hardware & Power
    • Network functions, including wireless dongles, MTU, and LACP
  4. Without a Virtual DSM license, each host can only run 1 Virtual DSM. The recommended number of Virtual DSM that can run on a host varies by models
  5. Refer to this page for the list of Synology NAS models supporting Virtual Machine Manager
  6. Each host in the same cluster must have a unique static IP address
  7. High Availability is only supported in a VMM cluster of more than 3 hosts
  8. Virtual Machine Manager 2.5.0-9432 and above versions are compatible with Synology High Availability 2.0.3-0140 or above
  9. When Virtual Machine Manager is running in a high-availability cluster:
    • There can only be one host in the VMM cluster
    • SR-IOV is not supported
  10. Virtual Machine Manager is not compatible with a hybrid high-availability cluster
  11. Web VNC console browser requirements:
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Edge
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Safari 10 or above