Synology Calendar



  • View the calendar by day, week and month
  • Hide calendars from the overview page
  • Share calendars with DSM users, granted the permission to edit or only view the events
  • Share calendars with public in read-only mode as a way of announcing schedules
  • Receive invitations from other DSM users and reply directly
  • Filter invitations by different participation status, including "Yes", "Maybe", "No" and "Awaiting"


  • Create events on all the calendars you have permission to manage
  • Create recurring events with the repeat setting
  • Invite DSM users and non-DSM users to the event, and view their replies on Synology Calendar
  • Event reminder notifies you of the upcoming event before a predefined period of time
  • Daily agenda merges all events of the day from your calendars
  • Jump to a specified date to create an event on the fly
  • Advanced Search to quickly find events by keywords, calendars or dates
  • Notification Center allows you to view all event reminders at once


  • Customized date format, time format, week start day and time zone
  • The visibility of calendars can be canceled
  • Enable email or browser notifications


  • Supports synchronization with CalDAV clients such as Thunderbird, macOS, and iOS that are compatible with the CalDAV protocol