Hyper Backup


  • Intuitive and integrated backup/restoration solution for data and LUN (Logical Unit Number) on Synology NAS, helping to retrieve precious data from multiple recovery points
  • Comprehensive backup destinations, including public cloud services, local shared folders, remote Synology NAS, external storage devices attached to Synology NAS, etc.
  • Multiple backup sources, including folders, files, packages, and system configurations on Synology NAS (Learn more)
  • File-level deduplication backup to minimize the storage consumption
  • Flexible backup schedule to fulfill different backup needs


  • Multiple backup sources, including folders, files, packages in DSM, system configurations with metadata including ACL permission, owner, etc.
    • Packages: Hyper Backup, Synology Drive, Synology Chat, AD Server, etc. (Learn more)
    • System configurations: Users and Groups, Workgroup, Domain, LDAP, etc.
  • Supports various backup destinations, including local shared folders, external devices, remote Synology NAS, rsync servers, and public cloud services:
    • Synology C2
    • Amazon Drive
    • Dropbox
    • Google Drive
    • Microsoft Azure
    • S3 Storage
    • JD Cloud
    • OpenStack Swift
    • IBM SoftLayer
    • Rackspace
    • HiDrive
    • SFR NAS Backup
    • hicloud S3
    • Other S3-compatible backup destinations
  • Cross-version, file-level deduplication, and block-level incremental backup to minimize the storage consumption
  • Retains up to 65,535 versions of backup data with customized version rotation policy to delete previous and unnecessary versions automatically:
    • Rotates versions from the earliest versions when total versions exceed the defined number
    • Smart Recycle: Keeps the earliest version created each hour, each day, and each week
    • Customized retention policy: Up to seven rules of customized retention duration and version interval according to different needs
  • Client-side data encryption and transfer encryption with military-grade AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption technologies to protect data from illicit access
  • Client-side backup data compression for advanced backup performance and efficient storage usage
  • Adjustable time scale to monitor storage usage statistics
  • Abnormal storage usage alert via email by defining threshold values for storage usage
  • Blacklist of file names and file extensions for each backup task
  • Logs of file manipulations, including adding, modifying, and deleting actions
  • Data and index integrity check for detecting data corruption in previous backup versions, enhancing backup and restoration availability
  • Multi-version explorer on DSM, Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms for easy browsing, downloading, and restoration of files or versions
  • Resuming uncompleted backup tasks without re-transferring the data which have already been backed up


  • Backup destination folders for relinking are not supported to be renamed
  • External devices such as USB flash drive are not supported to be backed up
  • Only one task of a backup source can be run at the same time, while other tasks of the same source will queue up and perform sequentially
  • Backing up data and version deletion of one backup task cannot be performed concurrently
  • Backup files of multiple versions backup tasks are stored as the backup format (.hbk) which is powered by Synology and can only be read with Hyper Backup, Hyper Backup Explorer, and Hyper Backup Vault
  • Names of tasks may include 1 to 32 Unicode characters, but cannot contain the following characters:

! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , / : ; < = > ? @ [ ] \ ^ ` { } | ~

  • Each backup task can only include one LUN as the backup source
  • LUNs can only be backed up to external disks with ext4 format
  • Version rotation is not supported in DSM 5.1 or earlier version
  • Applications backed up in DSM 5.1 or above cannot be restored in DSM 5.0 or earlier version

Hyper Backup Vault


  • Transforms Synology NAS into a backup destination for other remote Synology NAS and monitors the status of backup tasks


  • Management interface to monitor the elapsed time of backup tasks and the storage usage of the backup destination, including used size and usage percentage of each task
  • Summary for each backup version with the information of source size, increased size, modified shared folder data, and modified application data
  • Detailed logs of backup tasks which can be exported to HTML files or CSV files for auditing
  • Configuration of the number of backup tasks for preventing Synology NAS memory from excessive storage usage