Storage Technology

Storage Technology

In order to meet the demands for data integrity, faster performance, and cost-effective maintenance, DSM offers next-generation file system Btrfs with flexible RAID solutions such as SHR and RAID F1, delivering the best for your NAS.

Btrfs File System

Businesses require a solution that offers reliable backup and prevents file corruption. The next-generation file system Btrfs stores two copies of critical metadata on a volume to ensure a high level of data integrity, while taking advantage of flexible, efficient data protection and recovery tools. Btrfs is available on select Synology NAS models.

File self-healing

Btrfs file system is able to auto-detect corrupted files (silent data corruption) with mirrored metadata on a volume, and recover broken data using the supported RAID volumes, which include RAID 1, 5, 6, 10, and SHR.

Fast and efficient snapshots

Snapshots preserve the history of a shared folder, allowing for point-in-time recovery. Snapshots are captured almost instantly, without noticeable impact on system performance.

Data scrubbing

With scheduled data scrubbing, checksums for data and metadata on Btrfs file system are used to correct silent data corruption in storage.

Capacity utilization

Data stored in shared folder on Btrfs volumes can be compressed. Compression is especially useful for structured data such as plain text files, whose storage space consumption can be reduced by up to 30%.

Instant SMB server-side copy

The standard SMB server-side copy requires processing time, even when copying data to the same volume. With the help of Btrfs fast-clone technology, you can achieve instant file copy over SMB on your computer if the source and destination are both on the same Btrfs volume.

Quotas for shared folders

Specify a storage limit for individuals shared folders, so your storage space will not be consumed by a particular shared folder. This is helpful for controlling available storage space when multiple teams or departments store files on the same Synology NAS server.

Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR)

Multiple hard drives can be combined into a RAID setup, on which volumes or LUNs can be created. However, traditional RAID levels lack of flexibility and can be hard to manage. Designed by Synology, Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) allows users to precisely select their level of protection while minimizing wasted space produced by traditional RAID levels.

  • Cost-effective

    SHR maximizes the data capacity of your RAID when different sizes of HDDs are used. Calculate your RAID needs.
  • Scalability

    You can add new disks on the fly with a simple click in Storage Manager. Learn more about SHR.
  • Easy Management

    For novice users who have no technical background but still want to be protected by RAID technology. During your first-time installation, a wizard will guide you through all the settings.


Due to the peculiarities of SSD and RAID technology, a common challenge lies in how to prevent all of the drives from failing at the same time because of the evenly distributed workload. RAID F1 alleviates this problem with a specially designed algorithm to unevenly distribute workload to drives, thus enhancing the resilience of the storage pool and ensuring your data remains safe.

SSD Caching & TRIM command

Workload-intensive servers often face performance bottlenecks from regular hard drives. Synology DSM offers full SSD cache reading and writing support on high-end servers for significant reduction in I/O latency without crippling your budget. With the SSD cache write mode, data is first written on the SSD then flushed back to hard drives afterward. A single SSD cache mounted volume can consist of up to 12 SSDs, so you can simply accelerate read and write speeds by adding additional SSD cache on heavy application servers that require high random IOPS.


Managing multiple backup destinations and archived storage is burdensome. With the PetaSpace package, a single share folder can now be located across multiple volumes and be expanded over one petabyte, allowing you to efficiently store, manage, and access a growing amount of data.

Storage Manager

At the core of the DSM experience, Storage Manager offers a coherent solution for all your Synology NAS. From basic maintenance to advanced LUN management, everything is available through its simple interface.

  • Online volume expansion on the fly

    When facing the need for expansion, it's easy to add more hard drives, SSD or expansion units to increase capacity without breaking up the original RAID and interrupting works.
  • Storage dashboard

    The clean overview page provides rich and comprehensive storage information as well as a friendly user interface.
  • Bit rot prevention

    Smart data scrubbing can periodically check your storage to reduce the likelihood of silent data corruption and minimize the risk of uncorrectable errors.