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Synology® Announces Network Video Recorder NVR216

Up to 9 channels of HD monitoring with expandable storage. Mobile apps ready for anywhere access.

Bellevue, WA—December 10, 2015— Synology® Inc. today unveiled the Network Video Recorder NVR216, with expandable storage for surveillance footage, and mobile apps for anywhere access. Featuring a dedicated 1080p HDMI output, and supporting up to four or nine IP camera channels; the NVR216 is designed for offices and retail stores where space is limited. The technology is created to help monitor and manage surveillance feeds and IP cameras with ease.

"More and more small businesses and shops need a live view of their facilities to ensure the safety of their staff and property. They also want a compact and expandable solution," said Chad Chiang, Product Manager at Synology Inc. "That's why we introduced the NVR216, which lets users directly monitor and manage cameras via local display. And, storage for the video footage is easily expandable. IP cameras can also be added at any time – with the option of up to four or nine cameras, depending on the model."

The NVR216 is equipped with a dedicated 1080p HDMI port which makes it easy to connect to a monitor and display up to nine channels at 720p/30FPS of surveillance feeds – without the addition of expensive computer equipment. A wide range of ports, including USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, allow the NVR216 to connect to a mouse and keyboard, so users can navigate between different camera streams and management tools. Designed for low power consumption, the NVR216 only consumes 14W, while providing nine channels of camera streaming and continuous recording. When more space is needed for surveillance footage, the NVR216 can be scaled up to four drives by connecting a DX213 expansion unit.

Through Surveillance Station, users are also able to leverage the Live View panel with on-screen operations which can:

·       Monitor video streams from multiple IP cameras.

·       Use the Timeline panel to select a date and time and playback recordings from multiple channels at once.

·       Set up smart analytics tools, such as Motion Detection, to detect suspicious behavior.

 Additionally, with the DS cam mobile app, users can access Surveillance Station anywhere via iOS and Android devices.  

The NVR216 is powered by Synology Surveillance Station which offers an intuitive interface, and robust surveillance features.  Using Surveillance Station, Synology NVRs won the "NVR Excellence Award" at Secutech Taipei for four consecutive years from 2012 - 2015. For more information about the NVR216, please visit


The Synology NVR216 comes with two configurations -NVR216 (4CH) and NVR216 (9CH) which supports four and nine IP camera channels, respectively. The NVR216 (9CH) is now shipping globally. The NVR216 (4CH) will be available by the end of 2015. To find out where Synology products can be purchased, please visit

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