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Synology® announces C2 Backup for macOS and OneDrive, and C2 Cloud Engage event

Bellevue, Wash—July 5, 2022—Synology today announced its direct-to-cloud data protection solution, C2 Backup, which now supports macOS and Microsoft OneDrive as the company continues to unlock cloud protection for more backup sources.

Synology also announced today the Synology Cloud Engage 2022 virtual user event to be premiered on July 14, 2022. 

Protect all data on Mac devices

C2 Backup, part of the Synology C2 cloud ecosystem, provides powerful protection and restoration for an unlimited number of desktops and laptops through full-device backups of Windows and Mac systems.

Leveraging native snapshot capabilities found in macOS, C2 Backup makes more reliable and consistent backup copies to ensure complete protection of employee devices, including applications and system configurations. Thanks to Time Machine integration, C2 Backup quickly tracks any changes, achieving high backup efficiency without dragging system performance.

Support for macOS' built-in Migration Assistant tool, available later in the year, will allow users to seamlessly restore all their information to the same system or another Mac device.

Back up your Microsoft OneDrive for Business

C2 Backup has also added the capability to back up all your crucial data stored on Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Businesses that use Microsoft 365 for cloud storage can now protect data including employee accounts, Microsoft 365 Exchange mail data, and files in OneDrive with scheduled daily backups and file-level restoration.

C2 Backup for Microsoft 365 uses incremental backup technology that uploads only changed data blocks after the initial backup, both saving time and reducing the storage capacity used.

Availability and more info

Mac and Microsoft 365 backup support is now available for all new and existing C2 Backup users. For more features and pricing, see the overview.

For media inquiries about C2 Backup and other Synology C2 services, please use the contact form on this page.

Synology also announced Synology C2's virtual user event to be premiered on July 14th, 2022.

The first-ever annual user event of Synology C2 cloud, the Synology Cloud Engage 2022, will introduce Synology C2's key features and solutions covering personal data protection, endpoint & service protection, as well as the infrastructure of data.

Personal Data Protection

The growth of interconnectivity suggests that there will be an increasing number of devices and connections in every household. The implication suggests there will be more data to be generated, more websites and apps will be accessed, and more devices and nodes to be safeguarded. Therefore, each household ought to predicate personal data protection on the likes of password managers and personal backup solutions.

In the event, Individuals will learn how to leverage C2 Password to protect their login information and other sensitive information, establish a strong credential management practice, and enjoy a seamless online experience. In addition, the audience will also learn the essence of C2 Backup for Individuals which teaches individuals how to back up their devices and cloud services, as well as perform full device or single file restoration, through the intuitive C2 Backup portal.

Endpoint & Service Protection

The modern workplace often struggles with credential management for employees due to the lack of support for multiple device types and a variety of cloud services from the legacy directory services. C2 Identity ensures that the users of Windows or Mac devices, single sign-on (SSO) of Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, as well as other SaaS applications, can be centrally managed across the entire organization.

Other than credential management, organizations' data loss is often attributed to human error, hardware failure, or malicious attack. In hindsight, C2 Backup for Business can help organizations centrally back up Windows PC and servers, Mac devices, and Microsoft 365 Exchange mails and OneDrive, while performing bare-metal or file-level recovery.

In addition, for files and documents to be exchanged more securely externally, C2 Transfer's

End-to-end encryption and user identity authentication let you transfer files securely. C2 Transfer's content protection features allow the organization to protect uploaded content with links that expire, download limits, and watermarks.

Infrastructure for Storage

As business data continues to grow exponentially, to address how to manage data within and outside of the organization, C2 Storage's Hybrid Share and C2 Object Storage will help businesses elevate their IT infrastructure for business data storage.

For companies that deploy Synology NAS across multiple branches for cross-office file syncing, Hybrid Share connects Synology C2 to on-premises NAS to deliver a hybrid enterprise file syncing and sharing infrastructure that is efficient and easy to manage for IT administrators.

In contrast, for organizations who possess IT resources to develop archive, backup, or service solutions, or wish to establish storage back-end for externally generated data from manufacturing, IoT devices, or applications, C2 Object Storage provides them a simple and scalable solution [1] that is compatible with Amazon S3 API, and costs significantly lower than other alternatives in the market.

A Trusted Cloud and Security

Synology C2's server-side and client-side encryption through user-generated private keys ensures users' data will be shielded against unauthorized access. Synology also follows procedures preferred by industry leaders to design an estimated "eleven nines" (99.999999999%) of data durability to help users to prevent data loss and unforeseen corruption. In addition, with data centers established in the US, Germany, and Taiwan, users can store their data exclusively in the preferred data center to meet compliance requirements.

To Participate

Premiered on July 14th, the Synology Cloud Engage 2022 event offers multiple sessions and languages for a vast audience across the globe and goes into more details on features and services. Check out more details about different sessions and register now at

Synology at a Glance

Staying at the forefront of data management, Synology innovates and adapts to ever-evolving technologies, and continues bringing new possibilities to the table, including but not limited to solutions for data storage and backup, file collaboration, video management, and network infrastructure- all designed with one goal in mind – presenting a centralized platform to simplify IT administration while driving digital transformation for businesses worldwide.  

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