LM Internet Services AG

"FlashStation FS2017 is the ideal storage solution for operating load-critical VMs. As a high-availability cluster with a 5-year warranty and free Synology Replacement Service, the price-performance ratio in this storage dimension is perfect." Benjamin Böcherer, IT Infrastructure Manager, LMIS AG

The Company

LMIS AG is an experienced IT company based in Osnabrueck, Germany. Since 2000, the company has been developing sustainable and scalable IT solutions for the industrial, energy and healthcare sectors.

The company covers all the business areas and processes that companies, associations or authorities need for their digital transformation.


The LMIS portfolio includes all the services related to the lifecycle of customized IT solutions: Starting with the conception and planning, to the software development and quality assurance. With Certified Application Managers, the company is able to ensure smooth 24x7 operations. The range of services is rounded off by IT training courses offered by the "LMISacademy". The goal of the 80 team members is to quickly identify potential solutions, then develop and implement concepts that are suitable for the clients. As a result, the solutions that LMIS AG provides can easily adapt to the customer's original workflow without changing their business process. 

The Challenge

The 3-stage development process (development system, QA and productive) of LMIS AG creates high requirements for performance and storage space. Therefore, it needs a centralized storage solution to secure and run virtualized servers while providing outstanding performance and storage efficiency at a cost-effective price point. Therefore, it was essential to rely on a cluster solution that ensures high availability.

The Solution

LMIS AG had already used Synology NAS servers in the past. These versatile products have been running for 3 years without any interruption or operational problem, and have proven to be reliable for the company. As a result, two FlashStation FS2017 servers were purchased and integrated into the IT infrastructure. They are mainly used as NFS memory to store the virtual machines and kept running as a High Availability cluster with failover capability. FS2017 not only can maximize service uptime, but also can run about 70 virtual machines efficiently with 10GbE connectivity.

The Benefits

Reliability & Synology High Availability

Since installation of the devices in 2017, the systems are operational 24/7/365 without any failures or data losses record. In addition, the failover cluster allows automatic or manual transfer of services to the passive server during unexpected service disruptions, reducing the risk of losing data or other possible damages when the original active server becomes unavailable.

Intuitive user interface and interoperability

The Synology devices offer an intuitive user interface with the DSM, which is accessible via a browser, regardless of the client operating systems. Since LMIS AG is mainly characterized by a heterogeneous IT landscape (MacOS, Linux and Windows), interoperability proves to be particularly valuable here.

Excellent data throughput at low cost

Equipped with dual 10GBASE-T ports and the optional NIC, FS2017 delivers high performance with multitasking and is able to maximize throughput to meet data-intensive requirements. Comparative throughput tests on devices at much higher price ranges have confirmed the excellent results of FS2017.


Synology's FS2017 can be easily and quickly expanded to increase capacity and performance. In addition, RAID configuration can increase data security in the event of failures of individual hard disks.

Recommended Models

  • FS2017 × 2

Recommended Features

  • Storage solution for virtual machines
  • High availability
  • Scalability
  • 10GbE network connectivity
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