"Synology was the best option as it was not only stable but also cost-effective. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, we managed to deploy 1,350 units of NAS quickly and efficiently." François Lyonnet, Head of Integration, Krys Group

The Company

Krys Group is a leading company in the French optical market. Founded in 1966, the company has grown to represents 3 brands of optics: Krys, Vision Plus and Lynx Optique, and 1 audiologists center, Krys Audition.

Since 1980, the site of Bazainville in the Yvelines has regrouped the activities of purchase, logistics, and production of high-quality glasses of Krys Group. Today, more than 4 million customers seek advice from 6,000 specialists in 1,400 stores of Krys Group. 

The Challenge

Krys Group has more than 1,300 shops located all over France. In order to unify communication within the group, marketing materials and collaterals are sent to each shop. To facilitate this process, files were sent through the Internet to a file server. Krys Group was looking for a replacement to this system as the process was obsolete.

To meet the company's need, the solution had to be easy to configure and effortlessly deployed in each of their locations, have the ability to integrate with existing infrastructure and be cost-effective.

The Solution

After a thorough research, Krys Group found that Synology products come highly recommended. Synology experts recommended the DS215+  for its excellent cost/performance ratio. A DS215+ was set up in each store to provide file services with SMB/CIFS. 

For maximum efficiency, the company deployed all 1,350 DS215+ within less than a year. With this, Krys Group was able to manage their budget more efficiently. The entire architecture was stable and required minimum maintenance, in turn reducing additional expense for the company. Moreover, the deployment process was smooth and effortless. With Synology's intuitive interface, employees can now enjoy easy system management and higher efficiency.

Recommended Models

  • DS215+ × 1350

Recommended Features

  • Efficient way to handle data
  • Cost-effective file server
  • Facilitate maintenance
  • Efficient deployment
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