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"Active Backup for Business has three major advantages: to begin with, De-Dupe and CBT-based incremental backup effectively reduces backup storage and time; then, integration with VMM provides a disaster recovery solution to ensure continuous service uptime; finally, it is a license-free integrated backup solution, which facilitates optimal use of limited resources for businesses." Liao, Ming-Teng, Senior Specialist of the Administration Department at J.Shine

The Company

As the former Warehousing Service Center of the Export Processing Zone Administration, MOEA, J.Shine International Logistics established its headquarters in Lingya District, Kaohsiung City after it went private in 2005. It has Kaohsiung, Taichung, and Nanzi operation offices, and Wharves No. 63 and No. 120 located in Kaohsiung free trade zone, providing one-stop service, including customs clearance, container transportation, logistics center, and free trade zone warehouse.

The Challenge

Liao, Ming-Teng, Senior Specialist of the Administration Department at J.Shine pointed out that J.Shine had been evaluating and looking for a thorough, cost-effective backup solution because the executives in the company placed great emphasis on information security and backup. He started to assess backup and recovery solutions. However, if they had adopted an ordinary backup and recovery solution, they would have had to bear hardware and software acquisition costs that can reach over NT$1M, so they continued searching for feasible plans. This year (2018) they were invited by Synology to join the private beta program of the license-free integrated backup suite, Active Backup for Business (ABB), which supports cross-platform backup on PCs, servers, and virtual machines, fulfilling their actual needs. They deployed an RS3617RPxs, a rackmount NAS scalable up to 36 drives, as the host to back up 11 PCs, 32 virtual machines, a NAS (file server), and 2 physical servers.

The Solution

Recover a VM in 2 mins, effectively reducing downtime

It’s worth mentioning that ABB allows businesses to protect VMware vSphere workloads without installing an agent, perform an instant VM restore through NFS, restore a single file, and employ Synology Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), an exclusive virtualized platform that can run various virtual machines, including Windows and Linux, etc., to generate an image backup – ingeniously creating another recovery scenario. The advantage of integrating VMM is that when running virtual machines fail to provide service, the service will be migrated to VMM, making it a temporary disaster recovery solution. After tests, the integration of ABB and VMM has proved that when a server fails, a backup can be initiated via VMM within 2 mins to maintain continuous operation. Liao is satisfied with the integration in this scenario.

Complete entire PC backup in half an hour & save 65% backup space with deduplication technology

Regarding backup efficiency, it took a couple of hours for all the computers in every operation office to be backed up to the host server for the first time. However, it only took less than half an hour thanks to ABB Changed Block Tracking (CBT), which only backs up changed data – greatly shortening backup time. Liao also took notice of the performance of De-Dupe. After tests, it has proved that the amount of data on virtual machines, PCs, and physical servers was reduced from 11.6TB to 4.2TB with De-Dupe in a ratio of 2.75:1, effectively reducing storage space.
After the 3-month trial, Liao was quite satisfied with the performance and decided to officially embrace our backup solution. Under the company’s global VPN infrastructure, J.Shine adopted a distributed backup architecture by deploying a Synology DS718+ along with packages such as ABB and Active Directory at its Kaohsiung and Taichung offices, and three free-trade zone warehouses to facilitate login authentication and data backup. The data will be backed up again to the host RS3617RPxs to centrally create a second copy.

The Benefits

Liao added that since ABB provides a self-restore portal with a simple user interface, it is easy to find the items that you want to recover and then restore it on your own even if without an IT background. Therefore, with DS718+ in place, every operation office can perform intranet self-restoration with the implementation of complete employee training and recovery media-related SOPs, thereby relieving the burden on MIS teams. He concluded three major advantages of ABB: to begin with, De-Dupe and CBT-based incremental backup effectively reduces backup space and time; next, integration with VMM provides a disaster recovery solution, ensuring continuous uptime; finally, it is license-free so that businesses can make optimal use of their limited resources."

Recommended Models

  • RS3617RPxs
  • DS718+ × 5

Recommended Features

  • Active Backup for Business
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